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Dr. Anderson's Other Research Support

Selected research support:

R01 HD38764; NIH/NICHD (Robinson, PI; Anderson, Co-PI)
IgG placental transport: Endothelial caveolae
4/1/00 – 3/31/05; $224,000 (15% effort)
Caveolae and FcgRII in microvasculature. No overlap

R01 CA88053; NIH/NCI (Anderson, PI; Robinson, Co-PI)
How FcRn prolongs IgG lifespan.
4/1/01 – 3/31/06; $166,000 (25% effort)
FcRn salvage of IgG from degradation. No overlap

P01 CA95426-01A1; NIH
(Caligiuri, program PI; Anderson, sub project PI; Tridandapani, sub project co-PI)
Subproject: Homeostatic control of FcgR-mediated macrophage function.
10/30/02 – 10/29/07. $208,000 (15% effort).
Regulation of FcgR-mediated functions. No overlap.

R01 AI57530; NIH (Anderson, PI)
FcRn binds and transports albumin
12/01/03 – 11/31/08; $250,000 (15% effort).
Exploration of albumin binding to FcRn. No overlap.

R01 assignment unknown; NIH (Tridandapani, PI; Anderson, co-I)
Regulation of FcgR function by SHP-1 (PTP1C)
12/01/03-11/31/08; $250,000 (5% effort Anderson).
SHP- regulation of FcgR activation. No overlap.

P01 unassigned; NIH (Wewers, program PI; Anderson, sub project PI)
FcRn transports albumin across the endothelium between vascular and extravascular spaces.
4/1/04-3/31-09; $200,000 (15% effort)
Study of FcRn as endothelial transporter of albumin and IgG. No overlap.