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Hospital Consultative Rotation

Rheumatology Consult

The goal of the hospital consultative rotation is to develop the fellow’s confidence and skills in performing consultations on the hospitalized patient including:

Diagnosis and management of a patient with acute arthritis in the emergency room.
Diagnosis and management of acute crystal-induced synovitis in an hospitalized patient.
Diagnosis and management of patients with rheumatic disease during pregnancy and labor and delivery.
Diagnosis and management of patients with rheumatic disease in the intensive care unit.
Management of an acutely ill immunosuppressed patient.
Development of a cost-effective approach to ordering inpatient immunology laboratory tests.
Management of patients with septic bursitis and septic arthritis.
Administration of IV alkylating agents exacerbations of lupus, renal or CNS disease.
Direction of pain control management in the hospitalized patient with compression fractures.
Selection of the hospitalized patient who may benefit from inpatient rehabilitation.
Diagnosis and management of patients with vasculitis.
Development of a concise, efficient, informative consultation report.

The fellow is notified each day of consults requested on the inpatient services from any of the University Hospitals and Emergency Room. The rheumatology fellow will perform a history and physical on the patient and may have medical residents and medical students in attendance. The fellow will review any pertinent laboratory data and radiographs, review the medical literature in textbooks or online to prepare for attending consult rounds.

The Rheumatology attending supervises pertinent points of the patient's history, physical and the decision making process involved in the impression and plan of action for each rheumatology inpatient consultation.