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Grand Round Assignments

Fellows will be asked to present specific topics in a division grand rounds presentation format. They will be assigned specific topics to ensure that they are familiar with a broad base of educational topics in the discipline of rheumatology including anatomy, genetics, biochemistry and physiology of connective tissue disease and pathologic aspects of rheumatic diseases.

Fellows will conduct an in-depth review from among the selected topics, complete with visual aids, etc., direct discussion of the topic with attendees and a detailed list of references:

  • Rheumatic Problems in Patients with Renal Diseases
    (post-transplant gout, dialysis arthropathy, amyloid, osteomalacia, etc.)
  • Pregnancy Related Issues in Rheumatic Disease
  • Rheumatic Problems in Patient with Endocrinologic Diseases (hyperparathyroidism, diabetic cheiroarthropathy, metabolic bone disease, etc.)
  • Rheumatic Problems in Patients with Hematologic Diseases
    (hemophilia, leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell disease, etc.)
  • Secondary Causes of Osteoarthritis
    (genetic, hemachromatosis, etc.)

Each quarter rheumatology fellows meet individually with the rheumatology fellowship training program director to review their progress and evaluate the training program.

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