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Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

Protocol Name: LCRT:  Validation of a Multi-gene Test for Lung Cancer Risk
Sponsor: National Cancer Institute
PI: Patrick Nana-Sinkam, MD
Co-I's: Shaheen Islam, MD, Nitin Bhatt, MD,Karen Wood, MD, Michael Ezzie, MD
Coordinator: Anita Kapil

A prospective, multi-center, blinded, nested case control study sponsored by the National Cancer Institute to demonstrate that the LCRT can be used as a risk prediction test for determining individuals at higher odds for developing lung cancer in the future based on a normal bronchial epithelial cell sample from a non-cancer bronchial site.

785 patients will be enrolled at 16 study sites in the United States. Patients will be undergoing a clinical diagnostic bronchoscopy, ages 50 to 90, at least a 20-pack year smoking history but without lung cancer.