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T-32 Training Grant

Title: Molecular Mechanisms of Lung Inflammation

Program Director: Mark D. Wewers, MD

This is an NIH funded training program. The purpose of this program is to train postdoctoral investigators to develop skills that will allow them to become successful independent investigators, future leaders in the clinical research enterprise and mentors for the next generation of biomedical scientists.The emphasis will be upon linking the interface between immunology, molecular cell biology, genomics and proteomics to understand the pathophysiology of human pulmonary disease.Our participating faculty provide a wide range of training environments that cross this spectrum, including molecular genetics, immune cell function, functional genomics, lung epithelial cell function, cell signaling, free radical biology, mitochondrial biology, and lung and vascular pathophysiology.

The focus areas of research in this training program are:

  1. Innate host defense of lung
  2. Cytokine receptors and cell signaling
  3. Molecular genetics/pharmacogenomics
  4. Mitochondrial signaling and oxidants
  5. Translation to lung inflammation


Participating Faculty