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Pulmonary Medical School is now live!  This is our introductory lecture series for incoming pulmonary fellows aimed at providing a foundation in basic pulmonary physiology, pulmonary function testing, bronchoscopy, mechanical ventilation and airway management. It is also perfect for nurses, medical students, residents, or fellows wishing to improve their knowledge base for pulmonary clinic or the intensive care unit.

You do not need to have an apple device to listen.  Any smart phone, tablet, or PC will work.  You can find us by:

Divisional Conferences

There are several pulmonary/critical care specific conferences scheduled each week, which cover both clinical practice and research topics.  All the fellows attend these conferences.  Fellows must attend at least 70% of conferences over their 3 year fellowship in order to be eligible for graduation.  The overall goal of our conferences is to foster learning and engender discussion about topics pertinent to the practice of pulmonary/critical care/sleep medicine.  We strongly believe in teaching based on the principles of evidence-based medicine, defined as the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values.  Our conferences include:

Research Conference

Pulmonary Conference

Fellows Case Conference

MICU Ultrasound Rounds

Chest Conference

ILD Conference

Sarcoid Conference

Journal Club


Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

IM Fellows Research/Career Development Conference

IM Fellows Clinician Educators Series

Pulmonary Noon Report

Critical Care Conference

Fellow's Monthly Meeting


Research Conference will be held weekly on Monday or Tuesday. This conference will include clinical, translational, and basic science presentations by pulmonary/critical care, allergy, and sleep faculty from OSU and visiting lecturers from outside institutions. Senior pulmonary/critical care and allergy fellows will also present their research project at this conference prior to graduation. 

Fellows Case Conference will be held twice monthly on Monday or Tuesday. There will be conference scheduled on alternate days depending on the schedule of other didactics. This conference will be given by two fellows and will include a case presentation and evidence based review of a clinical question.

MICU Ultrasound Rounds will occur monthly in the MICU with Dr Bahner (EM) and Dr Adkins (PCC/EM). This conference covers the use of ultrasound for evaluation of the critically ill patient, hemodynamic assessment, evaluation of pulmonary abnormalities, and procedures. It will include hands-on evaluation of ICU patients.

The quarterly Resident Chest Conference is a fellow led conference for the OSU Internal Medicine residents. F2s will give presentations outlining basic interpretation of CXR and CT chest imaging. Case-based questions will also be included in these presentations.
Pulmonary Conference is a multi-format conference organized by the Chief Fellow and program director. It involves a set series of rotating topics over a three year period, conforming to the ACGME topic requirements. There are didactic lectures given on a variety of topics focused the clinical management of sub subspecialty patients. These will be given by faculty from Pulmonary/CCM division and other departments on the medical center campus. Topics in allergy, asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, interventional pulmonology, lung cancer, pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary transplantation, sarcoid and sleep medicine will be covered.

Interstitial Lung Disease Case Conference is a bi-montly multi-disciplinary case conference where imaging, pathology, and general management of ILD patients are discussed. This conference is led by Dr Allen (PCC), Dr Shilo (pathology), and Dr Ghosh (radiology).

Sarcoid Case Conference is a twice montly multi-disciplinary case conference where imaging, pathology, and general management of sarcoidosis patients are discussed. This conference is led by chief fellows Dr Crouser (PCC) or Dr Amin (PCC), Dr Shilo (pathology), and Dr Ghosh (radiology).

Wednesday’s Journal Club is organized by a selected fellow with a faculty mentor.  Recent publications pertinent to pulmonary and critical care medicine are reviewed. The goal of this exercise is to teach fellows how to critically review research articles, and will utilize the JAMA criteria on reviewing the medical literature. Particular attention will be given to review of clinical trials in regard to study design and statistical analysis. The fellows will be expected to learn the principles of study design, power analysis, statistical comparison of parametric and non-parametric measures, confidence intervals, relative risk, and life table and survival analysis. The fellow will also gain experience in different methods of data presentation and the applicability of medical research to patient care.

Internal Medical Grand Rounds, held weekly, includes reviews of topics pertinent to both Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.

Pulmonary Noon Report is held intermittently throughout the year. It is an informal clinical conference where the fellows discuss current interesting cases being cared for on the consult/ICU service or in outpatient clinic. Specific management issues regarding difficult or interesting cases will be discussed.  Faculty can also present cases for input or discussion.

The Friday Critical Care Conferences are organized by the Chief Fellow and involve a set series of rotating topics specified by the program director, and conforming to the ACGME topic requirements over a three year period.  There are didactic lectures given on a variety of topics given by faculty from both Pulmonary/CCM division as well as other departments on the medical center campus. This is a joint lecture with surgical, anesthesia, and neuro critical care fellows.

Chief Fellow Visiting Professor Lectureship

Each year, the current Chief Fellow(s) invite a leader in Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine to present innovations to the field and educational updates.  A current listing of our distinguished lecturers can be found here, Chief Fellow Visiting Professor Lectureship.

Continuing Medical Education

The College of Medicine provides a web-based independent learning seminar series that encompasses topics in the areas of business of medicine, ethics, communication, health care policy, practice plans and other areas which help round out the fellows clinical and research training.  This series can be accessed at the Center for Continuing Medical Education website. Two modules, sleep deprivation and physician impairment, are mandatory per OSU Medical Center’s policy.  These modules can be access at this site, Introduction to the Practice of Medicine.

We also highly recommend fellows review the ATS Reading List.