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Beth Besecker, MD

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473 W 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 293-4925

Email: besecker.3@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointments

Assistant Professor, Pulm,Allergy,Crit Care & Sleep

Physician, FGP-Pulm-Allrgy-CritCare-Sleep


Published Works

I have now published work related to zinc metabolism and its relationship to infection in a cell line model, mouse model and human subjects. I continue to pursue this line of investigational research in a translational manner.

Research Funding

I am currently funded by NIH K23 Program (09/13-08/17).

Academic Advising

2013 - present , The Ohio State University.
2002 - 2003 , Riverside Methodist Hospital.
2011 - 2012 Joanna Daigle,, The Ohio State University. Graduated 0.
2009 - 2013 , The Ohio State University.


2001 - present Certification: American Heart Association
2001 - present Certification: American Heart Association
2004 - present Medical License: State Medical Board of Ohio
2004 - present Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine
2006 - present Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine
2007 - present American Board of Internal Medicine: American Board of Internal Medicine
2011 - present Board Certified Sleep Medicine: American Board of Internal Medicine

Chapters in Books

Knoell DL and Besecker BY. "Zinc in Critical Illness and Sepsis." In Zinc in Human Health. 1st ed. Edited by Lothar Rink. 254-267. Amsterdam, NL|NLD: IOS Press, January 2011.

Besecker, B.Y.. "Dietary and Nutritional Aspects of Zinc in the Critically Ill Adult Patient." In Diet and Nutrition in Critical Care. Edited by Rajendram,R, Preedy,VK, Patel,VB. -.


Clinical Services

01/01/2009 Pulmonary Consults, ICU and Outpatient Clinic (OSU Hospitals (Main and East) and Clinic)

Clinical Trials



Phase II Clinical Tral of Two Approaches to High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Third International Mechanical Ventilation Study

Critical Illness Outcome Study (CIOS): A Propective, Obervational Ecologic Study in US ICU's.




1998 None Indicated, University of Toledo

2001 B.A., Medical College of Ohio


Editorial Activities

2008 - present SCCM National Conference
2009 - present CHEST
2010 - present ATS Web Cases
2012 - present Molecular Nutrition and Food Research
2012 - present Critical Care Medicine


2004 Research Citation Finalist, Poster Abstract. Society of Critical Care Medicine.
2007 - 2009 Zinc Importer SLC39A8 and Lung Epithelial Cell Survival. NIH NRSA.
2009 - 2011 Fellow. Center for Clinical and Translational Science.

Journal Articles

Fahy RJ; Exline MC; Gavrilin MA; Bhatt NY; Besecker BY; Sarkar A; Hollyfield JL; Duncan MD; Nagaraja HN; Knatz NL; Hall M; Wewers MD. "Inflammasome mRNA expression in human monocytes during early septic shock.." American Journal Of Respiratory And Critical Care Medicine. Vol. 177, no. 9. (May 2008.): 983-.

Besecker B; Bao S; Bohacova B; Papp A; Sadee W; Knoell DL. "The human zinc transporter SLC39A8 (Zip8) is critical in zinc-mediated cytoprotection in lung epithelia.." American Journal Of Physiology. Lung Cellular And Molecular Physiology. Vol. 294, no. 6. (June 2008.): L1127-.

Knoell DL; Julian MW; Bao S; Besecker B; Macre JE; Leikauf GD; DiSilvestro RA; Crouser ED. "Zinc deficiency increases organ damage and mortality in a murine model of polymicrobial sepsis.." Critical Care Medicine. Vol. 37, no. 4. (April 2009.): 1380-.

Bao S; Liu MJ; Lee B; Besecker B; Lai JP; Guttridge DC; Knoell DL. "Zinc modulates the innate immune response in vivo to polymicrobial sepsis through regulation of NF-kappaB.." American Journal Of Physiology. Lung Cellular And Molecular Physiology. Vol. 298, no. 6. (June 2010.): L744-.

Besecker,Beth,Y; Exline,Matthew,C; Hollyfield,Jennifer; Phillips,Gary; DiSilvestro,Robert,A; Wewers,Mark,D; Knoell,Daren,L. "A comparison of zinc metabolism, inflammation, and disease severity in critically ill infected and noninfected adults early after intensive care unit admission." AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION. Vol. 93, no. 6. (June 2011.): 1356-1364.

Cremer TJ, Fatehchand K, Shah P, Gillette D, Patel H, Marsh RL, Besecker BY, Rajaram MV, Cormet-Boyaka E, Kanneganti TD, Schlesinger LS, Butchar JP, Tridandapani S.. "MiR-155 Induction by Microbes/Microbial Ligands Requires NF-κB-Dependent de novo Protein Synthesis.." Front Cell Infect Microbiol.. Vol. 2, no. 73. (June 2012.): Epub-.

Gillette DD, Shah PA, Cremer TA, Gavrilin MA, Besecker BY, Sarkar A, Knoell DL, Cormet-Boyaka E, Wewers MD, Butchar JP, Tridandipani S. "Analysis of human bronchial epithelial cell pro-inflammatory response to Burkholderia cenocepacia infection: Inability to secrete IL-1B." J Biol Chem. Vol. 288, no. 6. (February 2013.): 2691-5.

Exline, MC, Justiniano,S, Hollyfield, JL, Berhe,F, Besecker, BY, Mitra, S, Wewers,MD. "Microvesicular Caspase-1 Mediates Lymphocyte Apoptosis in Sepsis." Plos One. Vol. 9, (March 2014.): 90968-.


Reference Works

January 2002 Beth Besecker, MD."Three Strikes: Kidneys Out" .
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"Management of Refractoy Hypoxemia: HFOV and Surfactant." Presented at Multidisciplinary Advances in the Treatment of the Critical Ill Hospitalized Patient Conference (MATCH), Columbus. (September 2009)

"Micronutrients in Critical Illness." Presented at ATS International Conference: Sunrise Seminar, . (May 2010)

"Mini-Symposium, ATS International Meeting." Presented at Co-Chair, . (May 2010)

"Ventilator Liberation." Presented at MATCH-Multidisciplinary Advances in the Treatment of the Critically Ill Patient, Columbus. (September 2010)

"Zinc Supplementation in Critically Ill Septic Patients." Presented at Nutric Meeting, Montreal, CA|CAN. (June 2012)

"Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines-A Review." Presented at MATCH-Multidisciplinary Advances in the Treatment of the Critically Ill Patient, Columbus. (September 2012)

"Immunologic Impact of Zinc Status During Sepsis." Presented at CMIB Annual Retreat, Columbus. (April 2013)


Professional Activities

present Poster Symposium. ATS International Meeting.
2007 - present OSUMC Research Day. OSU Medical Center.
2007 - present Resident Applicant Interviews. OSU Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine.
2008 - present Annual Pulmonary Research Day. OSU Medical Center.
2010 - present Resident Applicant Interviews. OSU Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine.
2012 - present Resident Applicant Interviews. OSU Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine.
2009 - 2012 Fellowship Applicant Interviewer.

Unpublished Works

Matthew Exline, Steven Justiniano, Jeffifer Hollyfield, Freweine Berhe, Beth Besecker, Srabani Mitra, Mark D. Wewers, Anasuya Sarkar. Microvesicular Caspase-1 Mediates Lymphocyte Apoptosis In Sepsis. August 2013.