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Up All Night

Working Mother
June issue
Most of us rarely pull all-nighters—unless the baby has colic or the whole family suffers a stomach bug. But for a growing number of moms, it’s business as usual to work the wee hours. The night shift is a lot more than factories cranking out widgets. Yes, emergency services—hospitals, police, fire—go round-the-clock, but if you’ve ever gone for a late-night burger, picked up an emergency prescription or dialed a help desk, you’ve encountered a whole lot of other folks who work nights, too. In 2004, the last year the Bureau of Labor Statistics tracked shift work, one in five Americans worked the majority of their hours outside of the traditional workday or had a rotating shift that included some nights, with women covering these jobs nearly as often as men. And experts believe the percentage of women is increasing. Dr. Meena Khan of the Division of Sleep Medicine at The Wexner Medical Center at OSU is quoted.

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