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Jon Von Visger, MD

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395 W 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 293-4997

Email: von-visger.1@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointments

Assistant Professor-Clinical, Nephrology

Physician, FGP-Nephrology


Clinical Interest

Immunopathology, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Regenerative medicine


Since I have an extensive laboratory research background before my clinical carreer, my initial intent when I came to OSU in 2005, was to spend more time doing laboratory research on the traditional tenure track. I have since changed to the clinical track and redirected my efforts toward more translational research, applying my basic science experience toward clinical studies.

I have already completed four multicenter clinical trials as the site principal investigator since coming to OSU, and hope to keep the ball rolling. The two most important areas of transplant renal failure to me remain delayed graft function (DGF; similar to acute kidney injury), and antibody rejection, and I continue to pursue study of these processes with the hope of improving them.

While novel therapies often require novel drugs, sometimes it only requires novel approaches of current therapy. I have recently applied for an IND application for the use of an already FDA approaved drug, Belatacept, in the management of DGF.

I have already attained FDA approval for proceeding with my investigator initiated DGF protocol under my own IND application, and currently await our own institutional IRB application and budgetary approval from Bristol-Myers Squibb to move forward. I find that I am most excited to be applying therapy at the patient level in a translational than staying at the benchside. To date, there has yet been a successful attempt at improving DGF outcomes, and the Belatacept trial has the potential for a landmark study.

In a second, yet to be funded clinical trial, I am working with collaborators across several disciplines to evaluate a novel biological detection process using immunologically modified field-effect transistors. These have the potential to detect picomolar levels of inflammatory citokines that might be used to diagnose rejection in biologic fluids.

Despite dwindling NIH support for research, I have been resourceful enough to have had some reasonable success in bringing and completing clinical/translational studies here at OSU. While industry sponsored studies appear to be the growing trend, I still intend to compete for the limited remaining NIH funds.

My national reputation has been growing slower than anticipated, since completing my fellowship at Mass. General Hospital. However, I am recognized within my field and have continued to develop National exposure through presenations and multicenter trial participation that garner important resources for future development. As one of the largest national kidney transplant centers, OSU has the potential to provide significant resources for career development, in both patient volume for clinical experience as well as data collection for clinical trials. This is why I came to OSU.

Academic Advising

2012 anthony alvarado, The Ohio State University. Graduated 2013.
2007 - 2008 Fawn Langerman, The Ohio State University. Graduated 2008.


Von Visger, Jon. Studies Relating to Neural Regeneration: 1. A Neurite-Promoting Factor Derived From Striated Muscle, and 2. Differentiation of Progenitor Cells for Newborn Rat Forebrain.. Baltimore, MD, US|USA: University Microfilms Inc, January 1996.



1999 - present MD: American Board of Internal Medicine
2004 - present MD: American Board of Internal Medicine
2005 - present MD: State Medical Board of Ohio

Clinical Services

06/01/2005 Attending, Assistant Professor (clinical) (The Ohio State University)


1986 A.A.S., UCLA Los Angeles California

1988 B.S.C.E., UCLA Los Angeles California

1996 B.A.A.E., University of Maryland


Editorial Activities

2006 - present arthritis and rheumatism
2008 - present clinical nephrology
2010 - present Transplantation
2012 - present Ibnosina


2010 - 2012 Certificate of Excellence in Patient Service. The Ohio State Unviversity Wexner Medical Center.

Journal Articles

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Inventions and Patents

Jon Von Visger, Amin Arnaout, Peter Linde, Alejandro Morales. "Kidney Precursor Stem Cells Flk1+, Sca-1+." Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center, Harvard. Filed January 2006.



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Professional Activities

present volunteer. Upper Arlington School systems. upper arlington, OH.
present consultant. AmGen. Thousand Oaks, CA.
2006 - present volunteer kidney screening. National Kidney Foundation. Columbus, OH.
2011 - present Judge volunteer. The Ohio State University. Columbus, OH.
2013 volunteer. Denman Forum. Columbus, OH.

Unpublished Works

von visger, J, Gunay, Y, andreoni, K et al.. The Risk of Recurrent IgA Nephropathy in a Steroid-Free Protocol and Other Modifying Immunosuppression. December 2013.