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Jon Von Visger, MD

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395 W 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 293-4997

Email: von-visger.1@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointments

Assistant Professor-Clinical, Nephrology

Physician, FGP-Nephrology



My areas of focus are in nephrology and transplant medicine in the clinical excellence track with particular goals to improve renal recovery and transplant outcomes. My main efforts have been in two high-impact areas of renal transplant recipient care, acute kidney injury/delayed graft function and antibody mediated diseases/rejection. All of these efforts have the specific goals directed to prevent renal failure and prolong renal transplant function and survival.

Education/mentoring: At the national/international level I coauthored transplant educational modules for transplant infectious disease trainees, and served on the American Society for Transplantation (AST) transplant educational committees (providing services and programs for trainees and support staff). I have also presented the American College of Physicians board review preparation and currently serve as reviewer for Nephsap/KSAP review modules for Nephrology and Transplant certification. Transplant is almost a niche specialty when compared to general nephrology or general medicine. While the opportunities for training for specialists in this field is limited to major academic centers, material from this represents nearly 20% of material for nephrology medicine board questions. Being selected as reviewer for the transplant section of NephSAP (nephrology self-assessment program) by the American Society for Nephrology is major recognition.
At OSU, I provided a transplant immunology lecture for the IBGP course for several years (see courses taught) with good student responses and evaluations. This is a good way to catch enthusiasm of potential future researchers/practitioners in immunology and transplant.

Scholarship: I have been site-principal investigator in several national and international clinical and device trials with significant impacts on management of kidney injury and transplant patients. Most have resulted in international publications for multicenter trials including; renal assist device for acute kidney injury recovery, a novel cross-match test for transplant risk of rejection, and calcium and mineral management post transplant (see publications). I currently am principal investigator in two more industry-sponsored studies in renal disease described below and expect international impact publications from both

I have presented several abstracts related to delayed graft function (DGF) and medication interactions as well as its effects on graft and patient mortality at national meetings (see scholarly presentations and abstracts) and am awaiting acceptance for publication of a journal manuscript for the same.
I have authored and attained an IND application from the FDA for the use of a novel drug, Belatacept, in the management of DGF, and am currently enrolling in an Industry funded Investigator initiated trial from Bristol-Myers Squibb: one of only three funded last year for Belatacept. To date, there is little knowledge/evidence for therapy at improving DGF outcomes, and the Belatacept trial has the potential for a landmark study. Preliminary results were presented by me this year at our annual AST meeting. Industry support for this study includes more than $ 4000 per month treatment/medication costs per patient as well as coordinator/administration and regulatory fees.

In the area of antibody related transplant diseases, I am primary author on research related to recurrence of IgA nephropathy at our center, and have chaired sessions and served as abstract reviewer at the AST and World Transplant Congresses for antibody-mediated rejection. I am co-author of our OSU antibody mediate rejection treatment protocol with Ron Pelletier in transplant surgery.
Together, DGF and antibody mediate rejection contribute to a more than 30% reduced 3 year transplant graft survival

I am currently site principal investigator enrolling patients in a second industry sponsored international trial for novel treatment of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (the most common single gene related cause for renal failure: 1 in 400-1000) and resulting in need for transplant. We are one of 15 centers in the US and have currently completed the randomized prospective placebo controlled study (continued data collection), and have initiated a follow-up dose-response study. This therapy has been approved in Europe and Canada and our U.S. primary study results are expected to be published later this year. Industry support for these studies include more than $ 5000 per month/patient support in medication, clinical visits and additional regulatory/administration fees. 2016 funds totaled 54,400 for this study.

Both studies are listed on the clinicaltrials.gov website with national and international exposure, and result in increased referrals to OSU from local and regional referring nephrologists.

In another, OSU-only clinical trial, I am working with collaborators across several disciplines to evaluate a novel biological detection process using immunologically modified field-effect transistors. This device was invented by OSU faculty and has attained NIH small industry funding.These have the potential to detect picomolar levels of inflammatory citokines that might be used to diagnose rejection in biologic fluids and we are currently assessing the utility in detection of rejection in renal transplant patients, resulting in several abstract presentations.

While I actively recruit clinical trials to OSU, I am also often sought out as PI by sponsors due to my successful enrollment and contributions to previous studies. Many patients come to OSU specifically to participate in these clinical trials not available elsewhere

Service: My primary area of expertise is in Transplant Nephrology and highest impact activities are directed through renal transplant and what I am best recognized for. However, my service extends to the broader community in several areas. I currently am a member of four different national committees for the American Society of Transplantation including Transplant Diagnostics, Donor Advocacy, Transplant Infectious Disease, and Allied Health Professionals Communities of Practice and have been recognized for my contributions by selection for leading antibody research sections, and contributing to education programs. I have also given several regional presentations/CME talks sponsored by NKF and OSU for outreach. Additionally, I participated in regional NKF sponsored free kidney disease screenings (KEEP Program from 2006 to 2014). Anonymously I was nominated and listed in Consumers Research Council’s America’ Top Physicians for 2012.

At OSU I have served on several University, hospital and departmental committees including faculty council and college assembly over the last 5 years: representing the department of medicine for discussion of University policies and other active issues solicited from colleagues. I have serve on the hospital formulary committee for the last 10 years, reviewing new medications petitions for approval and have occasionally served as chair of this committee. Within the department of medicine, I represent our renal division on the clinical operations, quality and safety committee discussing current policies, quality metrics and initiatives for improvement in patient care and satisfaction.
As part of a best practices review, I co-authored recommendations for diagnosis and treatment of hyponatremia (with Harrison Weed). As renal division quality director, I conduct our quarterly division reviews as well as complete clinical practice reviews for new faculty.

Within our OSU Comprehensive Transplant Center, I serve on several committees for quality as well as chair our pre-transplant selection committee, which meets weekly to review potential kidney recipient donor/recipient candidates. I also represent our nephrology group on our CTC Clinical Quality Committee, Chaired by Susan Moffatt-Bruce, reviewing goals for quality improvement as well as expanding patient transplant.

Within the first 4 months of this calendar year, OSU has moved from 40th in 2015 to 4th in the nation in total transplants. I am one of four transplant nephrologists at OSU and provide 6.5+ months of in-patient service to cover in-patient and consultation support. In addition, I maintain 2 half-day clinics per week year-round. As I focus on recurrent diseases and antibody mediated rejection, a significant portion of my clinic time is devoted to these patients, and this number has risen from approximately 15 to 53 during the last 3 years as more referrals are directed to me for this. These patients require more frequent and specialized care including specialty medications and infusions and testing. While these patients tend to be more demanding and relatively unhappy about these events, I have generally maintained a high level of patient satisfaction and low mortality indexes (shown in attached documents) and received an award/certificate of excellence in 2010 for outstanding patient service with a satisfaction rate above 95%. My clinical RVUs have also exceeded my division goals by more than 20% for the last 2 years with the growth in in-patient and transplant referrals.

Academic Advising

2012 - present anthony alvarado, The Ohio State University. Graduated 2013.
2016 - present Andrew Detty, The Ohio State University.
2007 - 2008 Fawn Langerman, The Ohio State University. Graduated 2008.


Von Visger, Jon. Studies Relating to Neural Regeneration: 1. A Neurite-Promoting Factor Derived From Striated Muscle, and 2. Differentiation of Progenitor Cells for Newborn Rat Forebrain.. Baltimore, MD, US|USA: University Microfilms Inc, January 1996.



1999 - present MD: Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine
1999 - present MD: American Board of Internal Medicine
2004 - present Board Certified Nephrology: American Board of Internal Medicine
2005 - present MD: State Medical Board of Ohio

Clinical Services

07/01/2005 Assistant Professor (clinical) (start date July 2005) (The Ohio State University)


1986 B.S., UCLA Los Angeles California

1988 M.S., UCLA Los Angeles California

1996 M.D./Ph.D., University of Maryland

2003 None Indicated, Combined Massachusetts General Hospital


Editorial Activities

2006 - present arthritis and rheumatism
2008 - present clinical nephrology
2010 - present Transplantation
2012 - present Ibnosina


2010 - present Certificate of Excellence in Patient Service. The Ohio State Unviversity Wexner Medical Center.
2012 - present America's Top Physicians. Consumer Research Council.

Journal Articles

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Professional Activities

present consultant. AmGen. Thousand Oaks, CA.
present video interview. American Society for Transplantation.
2006 - present volunteer kidney screening. National Kidney Foundation. Columbus, OH.
2011 - present Judge volunteer. The Ohio State University. Columbus, OH.
2009 Television interview, promotion of National Kidney screening. National Kidney Foundation. Columbus, OH.
2010 Television interview, promotion of National Kidney screening. National Kidney Foundation. Columbus, OH.
2013 volunteer. Denman Forum. Columbus, OH.
2013 volunteer. Upper Arlington School systems. upper arlington, OH.

Unpublished Works

Leino A, Hulber A, Lehman A, Rajab A, Von visger, J, Winters H. Infectious Complications with Plasmapheresis in Combination with Antithymocyte Globulin for the Treatment of Acute Rejection in Renal Transplantation. June 2015.