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Uday Nori, MD

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395 W 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 293-4997

Email: nori.1@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointments

Associate Professor-Clinical, Nephrology

Physician, FGP-Nephrology


Advising Narrative

I do not have any noteworthy accomplishments in the undergraduate student teaching

Noteworthy Graduate Narrative

I received "Excellence in Teaching" award by the students of the Independent Study Pathway (ISP) program for the year 2011-12. This award is given to one module leader each year after all the ISP modules are administered. It is based on the quality of teaching, content of the module and the academic support given by the module leader.

Research Interest

Ischemia-reperfusion injury and its repair mechanisms in the kidney

Professional Interests Narrative

My key areas of expertise is in the management of kidney and pancreas transplant recipients as well as care of patients with chronic kidney disease. I have experience in the management of a very broad range of medical diseases that cause kidney disease or that affect kidney transplant function.

Chapters in Books

Nori US, Agarwal AK. "Evaluation of Patients with Kidney Disease." In Textbook of Nephrology for Asian-Pacific Physicians 2nd edition. Edited by Anil Mandal, MD. -.

Nori US. "Impact of Recurrent Autoimmune Diseases in Renal Transplant Outcomes." In Encyclopedia of Medical Immunology. Edited by Dr. Brad Rovin. -.


Editorial Activities

2005 - present International Journal of Nephrology
2005 - present Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation
2005 - present Pediatric Nephrology
2005 - present Annals of Internal Medicine
2005 - present American Journal of Hematology
2005 - present Seminars in Dialysis
2005 Clinical Biochemistry
2006 - present Kidney International
2008 - present American Journal of Kidney Diseases
2009 - present Clinical Nephrology


2011 - present Fellow of National Kidney Foundation. National Kidney Foundation.
2012 - present Best Doctors. Columbus Monthly.
2013 - present Champion of the Year. National Kidney Foundation.
2013 - present Best Doctors. Best Doctors Inc.
2013 - present Excellence in Teaching. Independent Study Pathway Program, College of Medicine.

Journal Articles

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Unpublished Works

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