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Lee A. Hebert, MD

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Phone: (614) 293-4997

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Faculty Emeritus, Nephrology

Professor, Pathology

Physician, FGP-Nephrology



1970 - present Board Certification (Diplomate): American Board of Internal Medicine
1974 - present Board Certification (Diplomate): American Board of Internal Medicine

Chapters in Books

Yu, C.Y., G. Hauptmann, Y. Yang, Y.L. Wu, D.J. Birmingham, B.H. Rovin, and L.A. Hebert. "Complement deficiencies in human systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and SLE nephritis: epidemiology and pathogenesis." In Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Companion to Rheumatology. Edited by Tsokos, G.C., Gordon, C., and Smolen, J.S.. 183-193. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier, January 2007.

Haddad, N., Brown, C., Hebert, L.A.. "Retarding progression of kidney disease." In Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology. 3 ed. Edited by Johnson, R., Fehally, J.. 823-830. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier, January 2007.



present Named to the Committee of the International Society of Nephrology and the American Society of Nephrology.
1996 - 2007 America's Best Doctors.

Journal Articles

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