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Assistant Professor-Clinical, Nephrology

Physician, FGP-Nephrology



Enclosed with this narrative is supporting documentation for my application for promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor on the Clinical Track. The enclosed documentation deals primarily with the time since my initial appointment at The Ohio State University Medical Center on the Clinical Track in September 2006. However, it also includes information regarding my clinical training at The Ohio State University. It also describes my basic science work following my appointment as an Assistant Professor on the Tenure Track in July 2002. When the mentor of my NIH sponsored K-award took the position as Nephrology Division Director at the University of Florida Jacksonville, I was recruited and subsequently joined him. It was there that my research interest shifted from basic science to clinical research. I also became very active in the medical education program there.

I returned to the Division of Nephrology at The Ohio State University Medical Center in 2006 to pursue formal training in clinical research in the College of Public Health. I was also given the opportunity to expand my growing interest in medical education. Since my return, I have been fortunate to be active in the educational, clinical, and research arenas. In the educational arena, after serving as the Assistant Renal Module Leader for 4 years, I have served as Leader of the Renal Module for the last 5 years. I spearheaded efforts to incorporate team based learning concepts into the curriculum. In recent years, I incorporated E-learning methods into the module while creating “Consult Rounds” sessions to provide clinical applications of foundational knowledge. Based on having the top student evaluation scores, I received the teaching award for the Renal Module in 2009 and 2010. At the College level, I was inducted into Courage to Teach in April 2014. In the research field, I received a Masters of Public Health in 2010. I am currently the site PI for the NIH-sponsored, multicenter Systolic Blood Pressure Intervention Trial (SPRINT). I have led all aspects of the trial in our Division. Under my leadership, we received awards for CKD recruitment, study retention, and achievement of study targets in 2014. I was also elected by a national committee to serve on the national Morbidity/Mortality (M/M) and Presentations/Publications (P/P) Subcommittees. I have co-authored 22 manuscripts (17 of which were since my appointment in 2006) and numerous abstracts. My cumulative research and education activities were recognized nationally. Specifically, after a competitive application process, I was appointed to the American Society of Nephrology’s Acute Kidney Injury Advisory Group (ASN AKI-AG), based on both my educational initiatives and my AKI research interests. This is an international group of nephrologists with an interest in AKI related research, education, and policy. I was also invited to present at the Plenary Session of the CSCTR/AFMR Midwest Meeting on kidney disease and renal replacement in Ebola Virus Disease. I have also been very active clinically during this time. I received a National Top 10% Patient Satisfaction Score in 2014 and was awarded a Faculty Achievement Award. I was fortunate to have the highest UltraCare Score (a multifaceted clinical outcomes score for dialysis patients who receive dialysis from Fresenius Medical Corporation) in the Western Ohio region in August 2010.

Taken together, I feel that my work supports my application for promotion to Associate Professor on the Clinical Track. Thank you for your time and attention to this application.

Creative Works

Radio interview on All Sides with Ann Fisher at WOSU. The topic of discussion was the results of the SPRINT Trial.


1997 - present Medical Doctor: State Medical Board of Ohio
2003 - present Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine
2014 - present Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine

Clinical Services

09/01/2006 Nephrology inpatient and outpatient (The Ohio State University Medical Center)


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1991 A.A.S., The Ohio State University

1995 B.A., The Ohio State University

2010 B.S.Ch.E., The Ohio State University


Editorial Activities

2013 - present International Journal of Nephrology
2013 - present Circulation
2014 - present BMC Nephrology


2005 - present Fellow of the American Society of Nephrology. American Society of Nephrology.
2009 - present College of Medicine Teaching Award. College of Medicine.
2010 - present College of Medcine Teaching Award. College of Medicine.
2014 - present Courage to Teach. College of Medicine.
2014 - present Faculty Achievement Award. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Journal Articles

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