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AACR News Briefing Highlights Challenges Of Evaluating And Regulating E-Cigarettes

Concerned about the rapidly escalating popularity of electronic cigarettes and the many unknowns surrounding their possible health effects, the American Association for Cancer Research held a news briefing as part of its Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research International Conference to explore issues related to these products. An e-cigarette is a smokeless electronic device that typically uses a heating device to deliver a vapor of liquid nicotine that, when it is inhaled, imitates smoking—but without the tobacco. According to the statistics cited, about six percent of American adults have tried e-cigarettes, whose sales are expected to approach $2 billion this year. Also speaking at the briefing, Peter Shields, MD, Professor and Deputy Director of Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center-Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute, said, “Kids start smoking for lots of reasons: It's considered cool, and teenagers are especially susceptible to peer pressure. If it's that much like a cigarette, we may be playing with fire.”

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