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Pelotonia Aids Vital Cancer Research

In a research lab at Ohio State University, Dr. Bhuvana Ramaswamy is testing a drug ordinarily used for skin cancer on a strain of breast cancer resistant to traditional treatment, a novel approach to fighting the disease. Ramaswamy and scores of other researchers at OSU are on the cutting edge of cancer research thanks to Pelotonia, the annual cycling fundraiser that has raised more than $60 million since its inaugural event in 2009. On Saturday, more than 6,700 people from all over the country will ride the bike tour through central Ohio, and every dollar they raise will go to the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital at OSU. Pelotonia expects fundraising to surpass $18 million this year, its biggest haul ever, spokeswoman Janelle Huelsman said. Dr. Steven Clinton, Dr. Erin Macrae, Dr. Michael Caligiuri, Jeff Mason and medical student Ed Briercheck are also mentioned.

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