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About the Division

About the Division

The Ohio State University Medical Oncology Program

The Division of Medical Oncology is part of the Department of Internal Medicine and has a long history of providing compassionate, personalized service to those suffering from solid malignancies.

Compassionate Patient Care

Recognized Leadership

  • All of our faculty members are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in their fields.
  • Our faculty members hold leadership positions throughout The Ohio State University, The Wexner Medical Center, and The James Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Research Excellence

  • Areas of research focus within the Division of Medical Oncology include cancer prevention, carcinogenesis, nutrition, genetics, virology, bioinformatics, pharmacology, and drug evaluation.
  • Faculty direct NIH grants, clinical trials, and research programs throughout The Ohio State University and hospital system.

Dedication to Education

  • Located in the heart of one of the largest research universities in the nation.
  • Our faculty members serve as mentors to students in all stages of their academic careers, from undergraduate honors students to post-doctoral researchers.
  • Our fellowship program offers an intensive clinical experience.