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Local HIV/AIDS Resources

There are a number of HIV or AIDS service organizations in the Columbus area. These groups can provide you with HIV/AIDS information and services:

AIDS Resource Center Ohio (formally The Columbus AIDS Task Force)

4400 N. High Street
Suite 300
Columbus OH 43214
phone (614) 299-AIDS (2437)
website: www.arcohio.org

AIDS Resource Center (ARC) Ohio is a non-profit organization operating under the laws of the state of Ohio. ARC delivers:

Comprehensive case management including;
  • support
  • medical
  • mental health
  • housing services
  • advocacy for those living with HIV/AIDS
  • prevention education

Ohio AIDS Coalition (OAC)

4400 N. High St-Suite 300
Columbus, OH 43214

(614) 444-1683
The Ohio AIDS Coalition is a division of the AIDS Resource Center Ohio (ARC Ohio) providing education, leadership training, advocacy, and support for Ohio’s HIV/AIDS community.
The Coalition will consult with policy makers to prevent discrimination against persons with HIV disease and to obtain support for HIV disease education, research, and quality services.
OAC's supporters are People Living with HIV/AIDS, their loved ones, medical providers, local and state health department officials, social workers, mental health professionals, and other persons affected by the epidemic.

Project Open Hand-Columbus (POHC)

1699 W. Mound Street
Columbus OH 43223
phone (614) 278-3130
website www.lifecarealliance.org

Founded in 1994, Project OpenHand-Columbus (POHC) is dedicated to meeting the nutritional needs of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS in Central Ohio. POHC became a program of LifeCare Alliance and its extensive array of independent living programs in December 2004.
POHC offers an extensive intervention program that addresses the causes of malnutrition and hunger associated with HIV/AIDS. Medical research has shown that nutritious food is one of the most powerful weapons available for fighting AIDS. Some of the services available are:
  • Home-Delivered Meals-- Delivery of nutritionally enriched whole-food meals to homebound PLWAs to help optimize nutritional status, thereby enhancing their ability to tolerate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and to enhance their quality of life. 
  • Nutrition Counseling/Education/Consultation-- Nutrition counseling, education, and support to PLWAs, empowering them to control their nutrition and to foster an environment and attitude of life and health.
  • Pantry Plus--Combined nutrition education and food access program to empower all HIV+ persons to provide for their own nutritional wellness from the earliest stages of infection.
POHC services are offered FREE of charge, though contributions are graciously accepted.