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Susan L. Koletar, MD, FACP

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410 W 10th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 293-8732

Email: koletar.1@osu.edu


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Professor-Clinical, Infectious Diseases

Physician, FGP-Infectious Diseases



1984 - present Medical Boards: National Board of Medical Examiners
1987 - present Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine
1988 - present Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine
1984 - 1998 Stste Medical License: West Virginia Board of Medicine
2006 - 2008 State Medical License: State Medical Board of Ohio

Chapters in Books

Mitral Valve Prolapse and Infective Endocarditis


Concepts in Antimicrobial Therapy: Antimicrobial Mechanisms of Action.

Mitral Valve Prolapse and Infective Endocarditis

Concepts in Antimicrobial Therapy: Antimicrobial Mechanisms of Action

Meningitis, Acute Bacterial

Meningitis, Aseptic


Sarvepalli SK, Koletar SL



Third-trimester maternal toxicity with nevirapine use in pregnancy

Intensification of a triple-nucleoside regimen with tenofovir or efavirenz in HIV-1-infected patients with virological suppression

The pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenomics of efavirenz and lopinavir/ritonavir in HIV-infected persons requiring hemodialysis

Proteinuria, Creatinine Clearance, and Immune Activation in Antiretroviral-Naive HIV-Infected Subjects

Hepatotoxicity and Gastrointestinal Intolerance When Healthy Volunteers Taking Rifampin Add Twice-Daily Atazanavir and Ritonavir



1979 B.A., West Virginia University

1983 M.D., West Virginia University

1986 None Indicated, West Virginia University

1988 None Indicated, Ohio State University College of Medicine


Editorial Activities

present International Journal of STD & AIDS
present HIV Medicine
present Clinical Infectious Diseases
present AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
present Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
present Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice
1995 - 2001 Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology and Endodontics


present Phi Beta Kapa.
1986 Internal Medicine Teaching Award. Department of Internal Medicine.
1993 College of Medicine Faculty Teaching Award. College of Medicine.
1994 College of Medicine Faculty Teaching Award. College of Medicine.
1995 College of Medicine Professor of the Year. College of Medicine.
2002 - present Master Teacher Award. American College of Physicians - American Society of Internal Medicine (Ohio Chapter).
2005 - 2006 America's Best Doctors. US news and World Report.
2007 - 2008 America's Best Doctors. U.S. News & World Report.
2008 - 2009 America's Best Doctors. U.S. News & World Report.
2009 - 2010 America's Best Doctors. U.S. News & World Report.
2010 - 2011 America's Best Doctors. U.S. News & World Report.
2011 - 2012 America's Best Doctors. U.S. News & World Report.
2012 - 2013 America's Best Doctors. U.S. News & World Report.

Journal Articles

"Improvement in lipid profiles over 6 years of follow-up in adults with AIDS and immune reconstitution." HIV MEDICINE. Vol. 10, no. 5. (May 2009.): -.

"Tuberculoma of the central nervous system." JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NEUROSCIENCE. Vol. 20, no. 10. (October 2013.): -.


Reference Works

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February 2000 Koletar SL, AE Heald, RL Murphy, R Hafner, T Nevin, J Taylor and D Finkelstein for the ACTG 888 Team."Discontinuing Primary and Secondary PCP Prophylaxis in Patients Who Have Increased CD4 Counts in Response to Antiretroviral Therapy: Preliminary Results– ACTG 888" .
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February 2009 Chow D, Chen H, Glesby MJ, Busti A, Souza S, Kohrs S, Wu J, Andersen J, Koletar SL."Ezetimibe is Safe and Effective in Combination with Statin Therapy for the Treatment of Elevated LDL Cholesterol in HIV-Infected Subjects: Results of ACTG Protocol A5209" .
April 2009 Cohn SE, Williams PL, Jiang JH, McCutchan JA, Koletar SL, Robertson KR, deStMaurice A, Murphy RL, Currier JS."Ongoing Substance Use Predicts Non-Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy and Higher Risk of AIDS and Death: Results from ACTG 362" .
January 2009 Brawner E, Browning K, Harness J, Reynolds N, Ferketich A, Drake J, Koletar S, Diaz P, Wewers ME.."Smoking Cessation in the HIV Seropositive Population" .
February 2009 Benson CA, Zheng E, Ribaudo H, Koletar SL, Collier A, Smurzynski M, Bosch R, Bastow B, Schouten J for the ACTG A5001/ALLRT Protocol Team."No Association of Abacavir (ABC) Use with Risk of Myocardial Infarction (MI) or Severe Cardiovascular Disease Events (SCVD): Results from ACTG A5001/ALLRT" .
October 2009 Narla R, Martin SI, Koletar, SL."Severe Group A Streptococcus Infections – Presentation, Pathology and Immunotherapy" .
July 2010 Koletar SL, Hartley D, Bosch R, Patton, L, Pavlov G, Bartlett, JA for the Performance Evaluation Committee of the ACTG.."Performance Evaluation Metrics and Standards Developed by the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) Network" .
March 2010 Krishnan S, Wu K, Smurzynski M, Bosch R, Benson CA, Collier AC, Koletar SL for the ALLRT/A5001 team."Incidence rate (IR) and factors associated with loss-to-follow-up (LTFU) in a longitudinal study of HIV-infected subjects receiving antiretrovirals: an AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) Longitudinal Linked Randomized Trials (ALLRT) analysis" .
March 2012 Wohl DA, Arnoczy G, Fichtenbaum C, Campbell T, Taiwo B, Hicks C, McComsey GA, Koletar SL, Sax P, and Stein J.."Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk Markers in Patients Receiving Abacavir, Tenofovir, and Zidovudine: The Nucleoside Inflammation, Coagulation and Endothelial Function (NICE) Study." .
March 2012 Taiwo B, Yanik E , Napravnik S, Ryscavage P, Koletar SL, Moore R, Kahn J, Matthews CW, Crane H, Eron JJ on behalf of the CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems (CNICS) Cohort Study.."Laboratory Abnormalities Following Initiation of Modern ART in the US, 2000-2010 among the CNICS Cohort." .


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Professional Activities

present "The Suprising Region Where HIV is on the Rise". Yahoo! Health - Online audience 12.4 million. Columbus, OH.
present Publications Committee. Infectious Diseases Society of America. Arlington, VA.
2010 - present Writing Committee for the IDSA In Training Exam. Infectious Diseases Society of America.
2011 - present Infectious Diseases Society of America.
2009 - 2011 Reviewer. California HIV Research Program Study Section.