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Division Conferences and Meetings

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Infectious Diseases Clinical Case Conference

ID fellows and faculty coordinate and facilitate an ID Clinical Case Conference, topics of which typically focus on a recent challenging patient case. A review of the literature on some aspect of the case follows. Occasionally outside speakers are invited. Clinical microbiologists, pathologists and pharmacists also regularly participate in this conference. Once a month Clinical Microbiology Laboratory faculty members, members of the Hospital Epidemiology Department or members of the Pharmacy Department present a didactic conference. Specific basic science/microbiology principles, particularly as related to laboratory procedures or clinical issues in hospital epidemiology, are presented.

Divisional Meetings

Divisional business meetings are attended by faculty.

Infection Control Committee

Fellows are encouraged to attend and observe the infection control committee meetings, which are held monthly. A wide range of issues are discussed, and have included bioterrorism preparedness, prevention and control of infectious outbreaks, and infection control education for hospital staff.

AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU)

Infectious Disease faculty, fellows, research nurses, administrative staff, pharmicists, social workers, and lab personnel meet monthly. Discussion covers all aspects of AIDS clinical research.

Tuesday Conference

This cpnference consists of ID Board Readiness, Hep C, HIV and Research.  Fellows lead a faculty-attended informal conference

Research Principles (Journal Club)

Journal club focuses on recent literature, both to update medical knowledge and to promote critical reading skills. Twice a month a fellow and a member of the faculty each present an article from the current literature. The article can involve any aspect of Infectious Diseases. The entire ID faculty attend, and a discussion of the article ensues after initial presentation.

Introductory Lecture Series

During  August and September of the academic year, dedicated faculty will present a series of lectures desired to quickly familiarize fellows with the subspeciality of Infectious Diseases.