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Divisional Lectures

One of the major goals of the Division of Infectious Diseases (ID) is the education of medical students, residents and fellows. To carry this out, the entire ID faculty participates in a series of lectures:

Medical student lectures

Faculty present lectures to the pre-clinical Med I and Med II students. These lectures are scheduled as they fit into organ-specific or pathogenesis driven curriculum modules in the pre-clinical program. Because the faculty attends on the inpatient service and the infectious diseases consult service, they conduct many clinical teaching sessions for Med III and Med IV students.

Resident and fellows lectures

The faculty also conducts clinical teaching sessions for the Internal Medicine residents and the ID fellows. ID faculty members are a regular part of the Internal Medicine intern and resident morning report program. A separate series of lectures on important infectious diseases issues is integrated into the internal medicine residents’ noon conference program. There, the Division faculty addresses more cutting-edge infectious diseases issues by providing internal experts and recruiting national experts for the Department of Internal Medicine’s Grand Rounds.

ID faculty members augment their clinical teaching of ID fellows with a weekly Principles of Infectious Diseases (book club), a directed and annotated reading of a standard infectious diseases textbook, as well as a weekly Research Principles (journal club). The Division’s weekly ID Clinical Case Conference serves both as a venue for demonstrating what is state of the art in diagnosis and management of infectious diseases, and as a forum for the ID fellows to develop and display their skills in critical analysis of the medical literature in the solution of subspecialty level clinical problems.