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Phone: (614) 293-2887

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Current OSU Appointments

Professor-Clinical, Hematology

Physician, FGP-Hematology

Associate Professor-Clinical, Pathology


Academic Advising

Representative to the Department of Medicine for Faculty Mentorship Group.



With the assistance of my collaborator in the Department of Pathology, Dr. Haifeng Wu, we have established and expanded The Ohio State University Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) Research Program dramatically over the past year. Since initiating this research program now 10 years ago, we have enrolled over 80 patients and banked over 3,000 plasma samples for present and future study, not an insignificant accomplishment for such rare disease. Our work has resulted in the publication of over 40 peer-reviewed articles in peer-reviewed journals as well as several abstracts that have been presented in both oral and poster forms at international meetings in the field. We have also patented a novel methodology to measure a laboratory biomarker in TTP and have established Dr. Haifeng Wu’s research lab as a CAP certified, national reference lab for the clinical evaluation of ADAMTS13 biomarkers.

We have completed 2 prospective therapeutic trials evaluating the use of adjuvant immune-suppressive therapy as an adjunct to plasma exchange. These studies have led to a multi-center, prospective randomized trial of corticosteroids or cyclosporine as an adjunct to plasma exchange which we as the lead institution and have opened and have begun accruing patients. This study is presently ongoing and being supported by an R01 from the FDA for which I am the co-principal investigator

Based on the accomplishments of our research program, we previously entered into an agreement with the Archemix Corporation to conduct an observational and retrospective study in TTP, the goal of which is to eventually proceed with a multinational, randomized study of a novel therapy for TTP. I was appointed to the steering committee of this international study and that was closed prematurely, but the initial results of the study were published with myself as the lead author.

Based upon my involvement and leadership in the previously mentioned study, I was asked to be the North American Study Coordinator and consultant to Ablynx for a multicenter, international therapeutic TTP study similarly using an A1 domain targeting therapy. This clinical trial studying a truly novel TTP therapy is presently accruing patients internationally with Ohio State being the lead North American site. I also serve as a consultant for the ongoing management of this study and eventually the analysis and publication of the data when the study is complete.

An additional focus of our work in the Ohio State TTP Research program has centered around study novel laboratory biomarker data to objectively and accurately differentiate TTP from other forms of thrombotic microangiopathies that require a different and unique form of therapy. We have developed a panel of ADAMTS13 and complement activation biomarkers that are being studied regarding their ability to differentiate these disorders as well as predict clinical outcome. We recently received a $200,000 research grant from Alexion to further expand these research efforts in patients with aHUS. Additionally, we just received a $200,000 research grant from the Answering TTP Foundation to expand our efforts to study the role of complement activation in patients acutely presenting with the diagnosis of TTP and throughout long term follow-up.

We expect both the number of publications and the significance of these publications and the influence of our work to continue to increase in the coming years. Our research program is unique in its laboratory and clinical expertise that allows us to conduct basic science and mechanistic studies, but also to enable us to lead international TTP and aHUS studies given our expertise and expansive cohort of patients followed. Increases in research funding more recently will provide the resources required to continue to expand the impact of the Ohio State TTP Research Program. Additional grant proposals supporting our studies of complement activation in patients with thrombotic microangiopathies (TTP and aHUS) have been submitted and favorably scored which will help support the continued growth of our program.

Since joining the faculty in of Ohio State University I have been active in the teaching of medical students, residents, and fellows. I was involved in curriculum development having designed and helped to implement the Hematologic Pathophysiology Independent Study module for the second year Independent Study Program. In addition, I have been a regular lecturer in the college of medicine for both students in the second year of medical school as well as third year students as they go through their internal medicine rotations. I am also very active in the mentoring and clinical teaching of medical students, residents and fellows on in the patient benign hematology consult service as well as in my outpatient clinic. I received the Bertha Bourncle Teaching Award in 2007 which is given recognize the teacher of the year in the Division of Hematology. The reviews and evaluations received from students, fellows, and from peers/audience members from the numerous lectures, invited presentations, and CME presentations I believe support the effectiveness of my teaching skills.

Despite my active research responsibilities, I have maintained an active clinical practice where I see outpatients with benign hematologic diseases 2 days per week. In addition I continue to attend on the inpatient hematology consult service 4 months each year. Administratively, I am an active member of several important committees at the university and the hospital as detailed in my dossier below. I also serve as the director of mentorship for the Division of Hematology and am the mentorship representative to the Department of Medicine from the Division of Hematology. I also have been a member of the Biomedical Sciences Institutional Review Board for the past year and have recently joined the Promotion and Tenure Committee for the Department of Internal Medicine.


2000 - present Medical License - 35-06-9289-C: State Medical Board of Ohio
2010 - present Board Certification: American Board of Hematology
1997 - 2007 Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine
2000 - 2010 Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine
2000 - 2010 Board Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine

Chapters in Books

Cataland SR and Larson RA. "Treatment of Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia." In Clinical Oncology. Edited by Ching Hon Pui Ed, Totowa. 131-141. Columbus, OH: Humana Press, January 2002.

Cataland SR, Shannon K, and Caligiuri MA. "Myelodysplasia." In American Society of Hematology-Self Assessment Program. 200-210. Columbus, OH: Blackwell Publishing, January 2005.

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Damodoran S., Cataland SR. "Excessive Bleeding with Normal Prothrombin Time, Partial Thromboplastin Time and Platelet Count.." In The Coagulation Consult - A Practical Guide. -.


Clinical Services

12/01/2006 Hematology Consultation Service (James Cancer Hospital, Internal Medicine, Hematology/Oncology)
10/01/2009 Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine (2nd floor James Cancer Hospital, Hematology)
09/01/2012 Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine (James Care East)
07/01/2014 Hematology Out-Patient Clinic (2nd Floor James Cancer Hospital Clinic)
07/01/2014 In-Patient Hematology Consulatation Service (James Cancer Hospital)
07/01/2014 Hematology Out-Patient Clinic (JamesCare East)
01/01/2001 - 09/01/2009 Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine (2nd floor of the James Cancer Hospital, Hematology/Oncology)


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1990 B.S., The Ohio State University

1994 M.D., The Ohio State University


Editorial Activities

2004 - present British Journal of Haematology
2004 - present Blood
2005 - present Thrombosis and Hemostasis
2005 - present American Journal of Hematology
2008 - present Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular
2008 - present Nature Cardiovascular Medicine


1990 - 1991 Summa Cum Laude.
1990 - 1991 College of Business Pacesetter Award.
1992 - 1993 Cancer Research Assistant Program Grant.
1999 - 1998 Amgen Fellow.
1999 - 2000 Kaminer Award.
2007 Bertha Bouroncle Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award. Division of Hematolgoy/Oncology.

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Professional Activities

2006 - present Panel Expert for Net Wellness, Consumer Health Information. Net Wellness, Consumer Health Information. Columbus, OH.
2008 - present National Study Coordinator for Archemix 006 Clinical Trial. Archemix.
2008 - present Invited Member of International Steering Committee. Archemix.
2009 - present Thrombotic Thromboctytopenic Purpura (TTP) Patient Support Group Meeting.
2010 - present Expert to the Answering Thrombotic Thrombocytopeni Purpura (TTP) Foundation.
2010 - present Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome International Advisory Board Meeting. Alexion Pharmaceuticals. Orlando, FL.