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Service Costs and Billing

 What are the costs?

The charge for a genetic counseling session varies depending on the length and complexity of the appointment. Follow-up genetic counseling sessions for further evaluations, blood draw appointments or genetic test results are billed separately.

What are the payment options?

Our billing office is willing to work with you regarding a budget and determining payment plans to fit your income. However it is the responsibility of the patient to work with his or her physician and insurance carrier to meet the requirements of the individual’s policy. Failure to do so may result in a denial or reduction of insurance coverage.

In general, genetic counseling bills can be sent to the patient or his/her insurance company. Patients wanting to bill their insurance company must bring insurance information to their appointment.

Because the cost of genetic testing and insurance coverage varies, the genetic counselor will work with you, your insurance company and the laboratory to determine the amount for which you will be responsible. Payment methods and schedules can be arranged at that time. These arrangements are usually made after the initial genetic counseling session, prior to having the genetic test.

For more information on genetic appointments, please contact:

Phone: 614-293-6694
Toll-free: 888-329-1654