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Patient Care

Patient Care

Seeking Genetic Counseling and Services

The Division of Human Genetics provides consultation services to the residents of central Ohio and surrounding states, as well as expert consultations to physicians and other professionals.

Each patient and their family is assigned a genetic consultation team consisting of a genetic counselor and a physician. This team will be their contact throughout their consultation experience.

Genetic consultation sessions, which include genetic counseling, generally last about two hours and may include:

  • Review and documentation of medical and family history.
  • Directed physical examination.
  • Explanation of basic genetic and medical concepts.
  • Discussion of relevant hereditary syndromes and their associated risks.
  • Individualized risk assessment.
  • Personal screening recommendations.
  • Referrals to other medical specialists as needed, including high-risk screening programs.
  • Discussion of the risks, benefits and limitations of genetic testing when indicated.

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DNA banking and gene testing for clinical purposes and various research studies are offered to patients when appropriate.

Our Staff

Our highly qualified and trained staff provide services in a supportive environment. Our genetic counselors are health care professionals with a Master’s degree in medical genetics and collaborate with the Division's physicians board certified in fields including medical genetics, surgical oncology and cardiolog

Research Opportunities

Some patients at the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute, Dorothy M Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute, Richard M Ross Heart Hospital and The Ohio State Wexner University Medical Center have the opportunity to participate in research to eradicate inherited disease. Participation in most genetics research projects requires only donating a little blood and providing some family history. Click here to view our research protocols.