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2012 Kenny Rd
Columbus, OH 43221

Phone: (614) 293-7240

Email: doll.22@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointment

Professor-Clinical, Human Genetics


Advising Narrative

President's Salute to Undergraduate Achievement dinner honoree. Selected me as the faculty mentor who made the biggest difference in her undergraduate work.

Academic Advising

2007 - 2009 Victoria Schunemann, The Ohio State University. Graduated 2009.


1996 - 2016 Diplomate: American Board of Genetic Counseling


1993 B.S., The Ohio State University

1995 M.S., Sarah Lawrence College


Editorial Activities

present Journal of Medical Genetics
present Gynecology
present Gut
present Familial Cancer
present Clinical Genetics
present Cancer
present Genetics in Medicine
2008 - present Journal of Genetic Counseling
2010 - present BMC Gastroenterology


2009 - 2008 Volunteer Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Analytical and Diagnostic Sciences of the College of Allied Health Sciences.

Journal Articles

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