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Patient Care


Reviewed March 21, 2017  

Our goal is to help older adults lead healthier and more satisfying lives. We achieve this by providing high-quality multidisciplinary clinical care and services and outstanding educational opportunities.

OSU Section of Geriatrics offers several interdisciplinary clinical services and programs as part of our mission to provide compassionate, comprehensive, high-quality healthcare to older adults.

Hospital inpatient care - We provide inpatient care through a geriatric consult team based at OSU University Hospital designed to help hospitalized patients maintain their well-being.

Primary care clinic - Located at the Martha Morehouse Pavilion, we have a comprehensive primary care clinic for treating the health issues common in older adults.

Speciality care clinics - In addition to primary care, OSU geriatrics clinic provides consult-based care regarding cognitive assessment and polypharmacy.

Subacute and long-term care - The Sub-Acute Care program partners with local nursing home facilities to help patients transition from hospital to rehabilitation, resulting in fewer readmissions and complications.

Home-based care - A primary care team aims to improve the health of older adults who are unable to leave their homes.

Our educational programs are designed to train physicians and health care professionals from a variety of disciplines who are involved in caring for older adults, and to provide information on innovative approaches in health care delivery to enhance independence and quality of life. All educational programs emphasize an interdisciplinary approach to patient care.                                                  

--Section Chief Tanya R. Gure, MD