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Real world experience in an innovative setting

Reviewed March 21, 2017

The Division of General Internal Medicine is proud to serve the educational needs of health care professionals across the university.  We have a history of providing a rich and dynamic clinical learning experience in our clinics and our hospital based services.  Each day, learners from our internal medicine residency and our medical school accompany our faculty into our clinics and inpatient wards.  They are provided with mentorship, guidance, and encouragement as they hone their clinical skills.  We are also proud of the interdisciplinary learning community that exists in our division.  Our clinical teams are comprised of professionals from the College of Pharmacy, College of Social Work, and College of Nursing.  We welcome learners from each of these colleges as we believe that the future of medical care will require team work and coordination among many disciplines.

To learn more about educational opportunities at the College of Medicine, please visit the Education Portal.