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About the Division

Areas of Expertise

Reviewed Dec. 1, 2016  

The Division of General Internal Medicine is responsible for educating the physicians of the future and for providing the highest quality care to patients in need of comprehensive, coordinated care. All Faculty are experts in the provision of prevention, diagnostic and therapeutic services to adults; in addition, we have several Faculty with additional expertise or areas of focus.

All Faculty


Fellowship Director: Robert Murden, MD
Section Chief: Tanya Gure, MD
Faculty:James Lamb, MD; Guibin Li, MD; Meera Bhatt, MD


Faculty: Cynthia Ledford, MD; Camilla Curren; MD; Stephen Koesters, MD; Kristina Lehman, MD; Seuli Brill, MD; Nazhat Taj-Schaal, MD; Erin McConnell, MD; Christopher Hanks, MD; Katrina Johnson, MD; Jeffrey Lawrence, MD; Stephanie Lawrence, MD

Educational Administration and Leadership

Faculty: Cynthia Ledford, MD; Cynthia Kreger, MD; Andrew Thomas, MD; Gail Grever, MD; Jared Moore, MD; Michael Langan, MD; Robert Murden, MD; Camilla Curren, MD; Jodi Grandominico, MD; Deborah Gordish, MD; Stephen Koesters, MD; Jeffrey Lawrence, MD

Clinical Quality Improvement

Faculty: Neeraj Tayal, MD; Gail Grever, MD; Nazhat Taj-Schaal, MD; Jody Davis, PCMH Coordinator

Medical Consultation

Harrison Weed, MD