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About the Division

About the Division

Reviewed Dec. 1, 2016  

Increased concern about preventive healthcare and chronic illness, the need to tailor services to growing multicultural communities —these are just some of the issues facing today’s general internal medicine physicians, the frontline providers of healthcare. The Division of General Internal Medicine is making great strides toward these endeavors, working to advance our knowledge about best primary care health practices through an innovative and comprehensive clinical, educational and research environment.

The Division of General Internal Medicine aims to have an impact on these issues by:

  • Enhancing our educational programs in General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics through innovative experience;
  • Developing effective clinical practice; and
  • Advancing our knowledge through multidisciplinary research.

Among the Division’s major efforts toward these goals are the creation of web-based learning tools, clinical service to underserved patients in Columbus inner city neighborhoods and faculty collaboration in the federally funded OSU Primary Care Research Institute. Members of our division faculty also provide important leadership in education to the OSU Department of Internal Medicine, the College of Medicine and Public Health and The OSU Medical Center hospitals, clinics and health centers.

If you’re a patient interested in such dynamic endeavors, we hope you seek our services and care in our clinics. If you are a physician or educator, we hope you find much of interest in the service, education and research sections.