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Ways to Give

Diabetes Funds

306585            Diabetes Research Fund                    

To Support Clinical Research in Diabetes

307577            Nutrition and Diabetes Research Fund

Supports the research work of Dr. Kwame Osei

310574            Diabetes Type 1 Research Fund

Supports Research on Diabetes Type 1 in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism to Include but not limited to Equipment, Travel, Supplies Publications Personnel

310772            Diabetes Center Support Fund

Supports Development of Ongoing Programs in Diabetes Center to Include but not limited to: Construction, Planning, Remodeling and Ongoing Program

310950            African-American with Diabetes Research and Education Fund

Supports Education and Advancement of Basic/Clinical Research Specific to Diabetes in African American Population Includes but not limited to Research Equipment, Personnel, Supplies

312189            Diabetes Research Center Support Fund

Supports Research Activities on Diabetes in Diabetes Research Center Include Research, Personnel, Equipment Supplies, Conference, Travel, Publication Costs, Medical Training or Publishing

312211            Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE) Diabetes Research Fund

Supports Research on Diabetes in Endo Diabetes Metabolism to include but not Limited to Research Personnel, Equipment, Supplies, Education or Training