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The Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism is highly active in research, including active programs in basic, translational, and clinical research. Although many areas of endocrinology are included in our research portfolio, we have focused on three main areas:

Thyroid Cancer/Endocrine Oncology:  In Thyroid Cancer, our Division and the OSU Thyroid Cancer Unit has a >40 year history of outstanding research. OSU thyroid cancer investigators have helped define the natural history of thyroid cancer, identified treatment options, cloned thyroid cancer related genes, created mouse models, developed therapies, performed clinical trials, and identified risk factors for the disease.  Division investigators lead both a Program Project Grant (PPG)  and a Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) that are independently funded by the National Cancer Institute. These two translational research grants, in addition to other funded research in thyroid cancer and clinical trials are run in conjunction with the Arthur G. James Comprehensive Cancer Center and are multi-college and Multi-institutional in scope. Building on the unique history of Zollinger-Ellison’s Syndrome discovery at OSU, in conjunction with the James we have a large clinical and clinical research program in neuroendocrine tumors. For information on active clinical trials in endocrine oncology please go to the following site: http://cancer.osu.edu/cancer-specialties/clinical-trials

Diabetes: Our diabetes program is a strength of the division and research is performed in conjunction with the OSU Diabetes Research Center:  http://diabetesresearch.osu.edu/research/ .Clinical research projects in diabetes are focused on the metabolic aspects of diabetes, as well as optimizing in-hospital care for patients with diabetes. Our division has been a leader in diabetes clinical trials and has focused efforts in insulin resistance, bariatrics/obesity, and diabetes prevention. OSU is also one of the only programs in the country studying islet-cell transplantation as a means to treat type I DM.  Our work in Diabetes is performed collaboratively across campus with the Transplant Center, the David Heart Lung Research Institute, and other groups.

Osteoporosis/ Metabolic Disease: In addition, the division has been a leader in Women's Health and Osteoporosis research,. Performed in conjuction with the Center for Women's Health ans Osteoporosis research. Performed in conjuction with the Center for Women's Health, we have a long track record of funded and high impact research in this area.

For more details on research by our faculty, please check the Faculty Directory.