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Advanced Degree Programs

Fellows in the DOIM have several options available to obtain advanced degrees or to take selective graduate level courses. Tuition for these courses is waived by OSU for fellows (discuss with your Division Administrator for details) and tax credit is also provided. Several fellows in various divisions have completed advanced degrees so there are precedents available for these pathways. In addition the FAME program web site has some very good resources for both fellows and faculty.

Web Page Resources:
A. Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences: http://medicine.osu.edu/research_ed/medical_fellows/Pages/index.aspx

B. MPH Degree: http://cph.osu.edu/prospective-students/mph

C. Bioinformatics Master’s Degree and MPH

D. MBA Program: http://fisher.osu.edu/wpmba

E. Faculty Advancement Mentoring Engagement (FAME) Program:

Online modules: http://fd4me.osu.edu/