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Many residents express an interest in investigating research careers during their residency. At OSU, residents are encouraged to consider participating in research during their elective months.

In addition to elective time, all interns are assigned a month during their internship year to work on a scholarly project (the Career Development Month).This allows the residents anticipating a search for a fellowship in a highly competitive field like cardiology or gastroenterology to have a project in progress at the time of their fellowship interviews. It also allows residents the opportunity to try research early in their residency career.

Although a month is not a very long time, our residents have been very successful in participating in substantial projects because of the appropriate selection of mentors and projects. Current residents have worked with clinical, basic science, quality improvement and education researchers. A listing of presented abstracts from the past 3 academic years and where they were presented is listed here:
Resident Publications

Discovery, opportunity and collaboration underscore the research efforts in the Department of Internal Medicine. The Medical Genetics Program within the Division of Human Genetics, includes faculty who have begun to explore cardiovascular disease genetics in concert with researchers at OSU’s Dorothy M. Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute and clinicians at the Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital. The Center for Microbial Interface Biology, in the Division of Infectious Diseases, links investigators campus wide in pathogenesis and bioterrorism research. The Division of Cancer Prevention and Control is led by Dr. Electra D. Paskett, whose research has a focus on behavioral interventions among minority and underserved populations. The Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) provides financial, organizational and educational support to biomedical researchers as well as opportunities for community members to participate in credible and valuable research.

These endeavors—characterized by their collaborative and multidisciplinary nature—are just a sample of the Department’s expansive basic and clinical research efforts. Together they reflect the advancement of knowledge through research, an integral part of the mission of the OSU College of Medicine.