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Resident Continuity Clinic

Resident Continuity Practice provides the opportunity for residents to assume the role of the primary care provider for a panel of patients, many of whom the residents meet when they are hospitalized for an acute illness and are identified as someone who needs a “family doctor”.

During 2007-2008 we began one of the more exciting aspects of OSU’s Educational Innovations Project. Instead of attending a half-day weekly clinic throughout their years of training, residents have Continuity Practice Blocks (CPB) every third 4-week block, during which they see patients 3-4 half days/week. The care of a residents’ patients is shared in a 3 resident Practice Group. The Practice Group is comprised of residents from all three years of training. Every four weeks, one resident from the Practice Group will leave clinic while at the same time another resident from the same Practice Group will arrive to start their four week block. Within the 3 resident Practice Group design, patients still have one resident they consider their primary physician. Primary Care Track residents work in 2 person groups and have clinic every other block.

CPB allow trainees to immerse themselves in the ambulatory practice setting with a more real-world primary care schedule. Residents do not have inpatient responsibilities distracting them from the clinic. Likewise, when they are on an inpatient ward or non-CPB elective assignment, their responsibilities are not interrupted by a weekly clinic. An ambulatory conference series dedicated to outpatient topics is also an essential component to this immersion experience. This interactive series occurs at the resident continuity clinic site and includes topics covered by an extensive multidisciplinary team including General Internists, Geriatricians, Peri-operative experts, Social Work, Nursing, and Pharmacy.

A full array of inpatient and outpatient consult services are available by referral as well as a comprehensive multidisciplinary team in this NCQA-certified level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home.


Ambulatory Education:

All residents participate in the online Ambulatory Modules. These modules are assigned to be completed on a quarterly basis. Our senior residents have found that they are an excellent board review tool. Each year, residents vie for monetary awards that recognize the resident who completes the most modules as well as those who score the highest on the end of year assessment.