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Jon Walker, MD

395 W 12TH AVE
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 293-6255

Email: walker.702@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointments

Assistant Professor-Clinical, Gastro, Hepatology & Nutrition

Physician, FGP-Gastro-Hepatology & Nutr'n


Clinical Interest



I am an Ohio native, raised in the small farming town of Forest, Ohio. It is with great pride that nearly my entire training was in Ohio, and I have dedicated my career to caring for those who call Ohio home. Thus, I have committed my career to maintaining the highest level of care for my patients and committing myself to the service of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, so it can achieve the level of sustained greatness that I know it is capabable of.

Since I joined the OSU faculty in July, 2008, my goal has been to achieve success in the three pillars of academic medicine, teaching, research, and clinical practice. However, the one area of focus of my 9 year career as an assistant professor, has been to attain the highest level of clinical excellence. I have sought this through maintaining 90% clinic effort. This has been primarily through direct patient care, but also through a vast array of activities supporting the mission of the division, department, medical center, and the State of Ohio.

On a personal standpoint, I consistently attain patient satisfaction scores greater than 99% and my demand for new patient appointments, results in a wait list of over 6 months. While this is the most satisfying success any physician possess, there is a special satisfaction in the vast success I have achieved in my clinical service to the division, department, and medical center. In 2008, I successfully started and have served as the Director of the OSUWMC Endoscopic Ultrasound program, which is now performing over 1500 EUS procedures annually, bringing notoriety and referrals to the medical center.

In 2013, I was appointed Medical Director at Stoneridge Endoscopy Center, during a period when volume was so low, serious consideration was given to closing the facility. I worked aggressively to resurrect the volume and maintain a high level of safety, and in 2015, we successfully achieved a volume equal to past peaks, with continued high safety and high patient satisfaction scores.

In 2014, based on these successes, trust was placed in me to be appointed the Director for Outreach for the GHN Division. In this role, I have led the effort to increase referrals through a balance of meet-and-greet sessions, lectures at regional health facilities, and an annual division led conference on high value care for the PCP. Two clear points of achievement has been organizing the successful annual Management of High Value Care Disorders for the Primary Care Provider course and the implementation of the GHN Primary Care Network designed to assign an OSU GHN Liason to primary care practices throughout the health system.

In the last two years, my successes in the division and my successes with collaboration throughout the medical center, led to my successful election as Chief-of-Staff for University Hospital, as well as recognition with Faculty Achievement Award and the Exceptional Physician Peer Award in 2015.

In summary, as the following Dossier will attest, I have attained great successes in the realms of research and education, but the basis for my identity and success at OSU has been through a focus on clinical excellence.

Academic Advising

2009 - 2013 , The Ohio State University.


2014 - present Upper and Lower EMR STAR Certification: American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
- 2004 American Board of Internal Medicine: The Ohio State University
- 2007 American Board of Internal Medicine: The Ohio State University

Chapters in Books

Walker, Jon P, ,Hawes Robert H, Hoffman, Brenda.. "Endoscopic Palliation of Dysphagia: Laser." Edited by Jobe, BA, Thomas Jr, CR, Hunter, JG.. 737-746. New York, NY, US|USA: Demos Medical, January 2009.


Clinical Services

07/01/2011 Fellows Clinic (Stoneridge Subspecialty Clinic)


1996 B.S., Ohio University

2001 M.D., University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

2005 M.S., The Ohio State University


Editorial Activities

2013 - present BMC Cancer


2015 - present Faculty Achievement Award. OSUWMC.
2015 - present Exceptional Physician Peer Award. Physician Engagement Committee.
2017 - present LSI Top Student Rating for Renal/GI Teaching Block. OSU College of Medicine.

Journal Articles

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Professional Activities

1995 - 1998 Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society.
1995 - 1998 New York Acadamy of Science.
1997 - 1999 Medical Volenteers of Cincinnati.