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Douglas Levin, MD

395 W 10th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 293-6255

Email: levin.1@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointments

Assistant Professor-Clinical, Gastro, Hepatology & Nutrition

Physician, FGP-Gastro-Hepatology & Nutr'n


Research Interest

Faty Liver Disease

Professional Interests Narrative

Clinical Hepatology, Fatty Liver Disease, Endoscopy


1973 - present Certification: American Board of Internal Medicine
1976 - present Medical License: State Medical Board of Ohio
1977 - present Certification: American College of Gastroenterology
2011 - present Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine

Clinical Trials

Peginterferon alfa-2b and weight-based or flat-dose ribavirin in chronic hepatitis C patients: a randomized trial.



1965 B.A., Harvard University

1969 M.D., New York University School of Medicine



1968 - present New York University Founder's Day Award.
1969 - present Solomon and Dora Moness Shapiro Prize.
1969 - present Alpha Omega Alpha Prize.
1985 - 1986 Final Nominee, Teacher of the Year Award.
1996 - 1997 Listed in "The Best Doctors in America - Midwest Region".
1997 - 1998 Listed in "Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare". The Marquis Who's Who Publication Board.
1999 - present Cited in "Guide to America's Top Physicians". Center for the Study for Services.
2003 - present Cited in "Guide to America's Top Physicians". Center for the Study for Services.
2010 - 2011 Outstanding Faculty Educator. Department of Internal Medicine Student Affairs Program.

Journal Articles

Levin DM, Rosenstreich DL, Reynolds HY. "Immunologic responses in the gastrointestinal tract of the guinea pig. I. Characterization of Peyer's patch cells.." Journal of Immunology. Vol. 11, no. 3. (September 1973.): 980-983.

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Levin DM. "Letter to the Editor." New England Journal of Medicine. Vol. 358, no. 7. (February 2008.): 747-.


Reference Works

January 1974 Levin DM, Rosenstreich DL, Reynolds HY."Demonstration of graft vs host mixed leukocyte reaction and monocyte chemotactic factor production in guinea pig Peyer's Patch Cells" .
January 1977 Levin DM, Baker AL, Rochman H, Boyer JL."Alcoholic patients with chronic abnormalities in liver function harbor unsuspected non-alcoholic liver diseases detectable only by liver biopsy" . : 1172


"Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Associated with Simultaneous t(8;14), t(14;18), and t(3;22)." Presented at Association of Cytogenetic Technologists (ACT) Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, US|USA. (June 1989)

"Diagnosing Hepatitis C and Monitoring the Disease." Presented at Hepatitis Summit for Ohio Clinicians, Columbus, OH, US|USA. (June 2004)

"Body Mass Index Crrelates Poorly with Visceral Adiposity in End-Stage Liver Disease." Presented at American Association of the Study of Liver Disease, Washington, DC, US|USA. (November 2013)


Professional Activities

1990 - present Nominating Committee for ACP Governor of Ohio.
1979 - 1983 Upper Arlington Board of Health. Upper Arlington, OH.