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About the Division


IBD Gastroenterology
Cheng Zhang, MD, PhD
Marty Meyer, MD
Bennie Upchurch, MD
Ed Levine, MD

IBD Surgery (Ulcerative Colitis / Crohn's Disease)
Syed Husain, MBBS
William Cirocco, MD

IBD Stool Transplant
Julie Mangino,MD
Nicole Theodoropolous, MD

IBD Hepatology
James Hanje, MD
Douglas Levin, MD

IBD Pathology
Martha Yearsley, MD
Wendy Frankel, MD

IBD Radiology
Samantha Barker, MD

IBD Nutrition (Ulcerative Colitis / Crohn's Disease)
Marcia Nahikian-Nelms, PhD, RD, LD, CNSC

IBD Psychiatry
Nicholas Forand, PhD
Darryl Brush, MD
Kitty Soldano, PhD, LISW


For referral to see a GHN Specialist in our division:
Universal Referral Form
Office: 614-293-6255
Fax: 614-293-8518