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Gastrointestinal Bleeding Program

Congratulations to the OSU Wexner Medical Center Gastrointestinal Bleeding Program!


This comprehensive, multidisciplinary group focuses on the evaluation and treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding, including:

  • Acute upper GI bleeding- Stomach ulcer, peptic ulcer disease, or esophageal varices.
  • Acute lower GI bleeding- Diverticulosis, Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), polyps or tumors
  • Chronic GI blood loss- Often from obscure or initially unclear source
  • Small bowel bleeding – Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs), small bowel ulcers, or small bowel tumors that may be out of the reach of traditional endoscopic tools.

Other sub-specialties and medical technologies offered by the group include:

  • Gastroenterology/Endoscopy – Upper endoscopy/EGD, Colonoscopy, Double/Single balloon and device-assisted enteroscopy, and capsule endoscopy
  • Surgery - intra-operative enteroscopy
  • Radiology – Interventional angiography, CT enterography, CT angiography, MRI, and PET scan
  • Nuclear medicine - tagged RBC bleeding scan

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is fortunate to have highly trained experts dedicated to the care of patients with GI bleeding.


Our Experts and Staff:

  • Bennie Upchurch, MD-Medical Director
  • Peter Stanich, MD-Enteroscopy and Polyposis syndromes
  • Marty Meyer, MD- Director of Capsule Endoscopy
  • Akeek Bhatt, MD-Medical Director of Endoscopy, University Hospitals East

We offer state of the art endoscopic facilities and advanced technologies to give our patients access to care often not offered elsewhere.  We have a multi-disciplinary approach working closely with surgeons, radiologists, and critical care specialists.  Together, the OSUWMC offers a comprehensive array of diagnostic and treatment options for GI bleeding.


For referral to see a GHN Specialist in our division:
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Office: 614-293-6255
Fax: 614-293-8518