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Research at OSU Dermatology

OSU Dermatology is actively involved in both basic science and clinical research.  Dr. Anjali Mishra, who leads the basic science team, has been the receipt of multiple grants and has developed the only mouse cutaneous lymphoma model which is integral in the study of CTCL.  Our clinical research team, led by Dr. Jessica Kaffenberger and Dr. Ben Kaffenberger, is involved in many clinical trials and has been recognized as a top recruiting site on numerous clinical trials.  Major areas of investigation are listed below.


Basic Science Research

Dr. Mishra's research is focused on identifying the cellular reprogramming steps interleukin-15 (IL-15) induces to initiate malignant change in T lymphocytes. Dr. Mishra’s laboratory has shown stage-related IL-15 mRNA and protein over-expression in lesional skin and circulating tumor cells of CTCL patients. Using IL-15 transgenic (tg) mice, Dr. Mishra's lab has characterized an animal model of spontaneous epidermotropic T-cell lymphoma that clinically and pathologically mimics human CTCL. The research efforts of her laboratory are focused on understanding the mechanisms of lymphomagenesis and designing therapeutic strategies for CTCL, by characterizing and targeting deregulated oncogenic pathways in IL-15 tg mice and in CTCL patients.


Clinical Trials

Drs. Jessical Kaffenberger and Benjamin Kaffenberger oversee a clinical trials unit that is involved in translational research to advance the understanding and treatment of skin diseases.  There is an ongoing protocol to obtain specimens to create a biospecimen bank to store samples from patients with a variety of skin diseases to further research to better understand the pathogenesis of skin disease.

We are also participating in epidemiologic studies to monitor patients on systemic therapies to follow long term safety and efficacy of traditional and new treatments.  At different times, there may be therapeutic trials for novel investigational drugs for patients with psoriasis and other skin diseases.