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Didactic Education

Didactic sessions are held weekly on Wednesday afternoons. They consist of the following:

  1. A weekly core lecture given by one of the residents based on the reading assignments for that week in the textbook chosen by the residents.
  2. Weekly faculty lectures and kodachrome sessions to supplement the core lectures.
  3. Weekly dermatopathology sessions with Drs. Kowal, Peters, Kerns and Conroy that correlate with the topics covered in the core lecture series.

Other Didactic sessions include:

  1. A bi-monthly evidence-based medicine journal club with Dr. Zirwas.
  2. Monthly grand rounds with presentation of unique and rare cases along with discussion and review of relevant pathological, therapeutic and diagnostic aspects of the presented cases. Cases are referred by community dermatologists as well as from OSU dermatology. Grand rounds is presented in the evening and attendees include community dermatologists and medical students.
  3. Annual attendance at the Indiana Basic Science Course.
  4. Residents are expected to attend the national AAD meeting each year during their three years of residency.
  5. Annual attendance at The Ohio State Medical Dermatology Course for Residents.