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Meet the Residents

Kelly Tyler, MD
Tulane University
Derm PGY-4
John Trinidad, MD
MD University of California, San Francisco
Derm PGY-4

Dathan Hamann, MD
MD University of Arizona, College of Medicine
Derm PGY-3

Gina Spohn, MD
MD University of Califormia, Berkeley
Derm PGY-3
Catherine Ulman, MD
MD Wright State University
Derm PGY-3

Justin Hastings, MD
University of Toledo

Polina Rzepka, MD
MD The Ohio State University, Columbus
Derm PGY-2
Sabrina Smith, MD
MD The Ohio State University, Columbus
Derm PGY-2

Residents' Comments:

Best thing about OSU Dermatology . . .

"Awesome clinical and surgical experience"
"Having several attending dermatologists who are not only intelligent and gifted clinicians, but also down to earth, approachable, and kind when dealing with patients, students and residents"
"Great team of residents and faculty"
"Our residency and the city of Columbus are both thriving. I feel a momentum of continual positive advances allowing us to grow in influence and esteem every day"
"The best three years of my life so far"
"Accessible faculty with one-on-one teaching on a daily basis"
"Very enthusiastic and inspiring faculty. Great variety of medical derm, peds-derm, surgery, lasers, cosmetics"
"I feel very lucky to be in a program with such excellent and approachable faculty. They value resident input, emphasize teaching, and go out of their way to make sure each experience we have is meaningful"
"Columbus is a great place to live! It has the conveniences of a large city with a college town feel"
"We see a very diverse patient population in numerous different settings"
"Daily one-on-one interaction with attendings; variety of clinical environments - pediatrics, Mohs, complex derm clinic, etc"
"One of my favorite aspects of OSU dermatology is the openess and accessibility of the faculty members. They are always ready and willing to answer questions and help you in any way possible. I also like the variety of clinical settings in which we practice. From the prison clinic to cosmetics, we see it all"
"Accessibility of attendings and variety of clinical settings. I also appreciate the comraderie among the housestaff"

Recent Graduates

2016 Graduates

Stephanie Fabbro, MD
Elizabeth Kiracofe, MD
MD Case Western Reserve University
Farhana Hasan, MD, MPH
MD Dow Medical College, University of Karachi
MPH Johns Hopkins University

2015 Graduates

Derek Chan, MD, PhD
MD/PhD Boston University

Grace Liao Lee, MD
MD Wright State University
DPT University of Southern California

Llana Pootrakul, MD, PhD
PhD University of Southern California, SD
MD University at Buffalo State Univ of New York

2014 Graduates

Katya Harfmann, MD
BS Ohio State
MD Ohio State

Ben Kaffenberger, MD
BS University of Akron
MD Ohio State


2013 Graduates

Shane Clark, MD
BA Miami University, Oxford, OH
MD Ohio State
Stephanie Jacks, MD
BA Vanderbilt
MD George Washington
School of Medicine, Wash DC

 2012 Graduates

Seth Bendo, MD
BA Duke University
BS University of Akron
MD Ohio State

Sarah Hostetler, MD
BA Wheaton College
MD Ohio State
Andrea LaTorre, MD
BS Notre Dame

 2011 Graduates


Matthew Molenda, M.D.
BS Ohio State University  

Georgann Poulos, M.D.
BS Duquesne Univ Sch of Pharmacy


2010 Graduates

Kamruz Darabi, MD, PhD
BS Univerisity of Giessen, Germany
MD Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule
PHD University of Ulm
Dermatopathology Fellowship
Ohio State University
Private Practice, Columbus, Ohio

Novie Sroa, MD
BS Ohio State
MD Ohio State
Moh's Fellowship, Buffalo, NY
Moh's Surgeon, VA Chalmers P. Wylie Outpatient Clinic, Columbus, Ohio

2009 Graduates

Current Patterson Custer, MD
BS Emory Univ
MD Ohio State
Private Practice: Sylva NC
Kathryn Boyse Gant, MD
BS Duke Univ
MD Ohio State
Academic Medicine: University of Maryland

2008 Graduates


Mohammad Diab, MD
BS Damascus Univ
MS Temple Univ
Private Practice: Cincinnati, OH
Part-time OSU Dermatology
Monique Kademian, MD
BS Ohio Weslyn Univ
MD Ohio State
Private Practice: Columbus, OH

2007 Graduates

Kelly Gallina, MD
BS Kent State Univ
Private Practice:
Chillicothe, Ohio
Michael Chen, MD
BS UC Berkeley
MD Ohio State
Private Practice: Columbus, Ohio

2006 Graduates

Michael McKelvey, MD
BS Miami Univ
MD Ohio State
Private Practice
Columbus, OH
Samantha McNail, MD
BS Univ MO-Columbia
MD Univ MO-Columbia
Private Practice Farmington, MO


2005 Graduate

David Soleymani, MD
BS Indiana Univ
MD Indiana Univ
Academic Medicine