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As physicians, we dedicate our careers to making a difference in people’s lives. We attempt to accomplish this every day and with every encounter. Whether we are delivering the best quality care to our patients or we are educating the next generation of health care providers, we try to do it with compassion and dedication.
While I have thoroughly enjoyed the years I have spent as a committed clinician, I was appreciative of the opportunity to utilize other skill sets in order to develop and grow the interventional cardiovascular program at Ohio State University East.
Occasionally, we are afforded the opportunity to tackle all the challenges and opportunities at the same time in the form of program building. This was the opportunity I was presented with when I was asked to dedicate my effort to lead our interventional program at Ohio State University Hospital East with an emphasis on building a system of excellence for the care of patients with acute Myocardial infarction. Such a task requires the utilization of the cumulative knowledge and training I have received in both the fields of cardiovascular medicine and Interventional cardiology. It also requires the use of my business school education (MBA), which provided me with skills necessary to focus on team building and process improvement within the program.
We are almost a year into the process and I am proud to say that our growth and quality are outstanding. I have attached an appendix to the dossier showing our numbers. What we are most proud of is the local community’s validation of our success. This validation is demonstrated in the increasing frequency by which the Columbus Emergency System is using our hospital as a destination for myocardial infarction emergencies. In the span of a few months, we have increased our share of those emergencies from 7-10%, which translates to a growth of almost 40% over last year’s numbers.
Although the numbers speak for themselves, our sense of accomplishment goes beyond the actual numbers. Our pride stems from what those numbers actually represent and the difference we have made in the lives of our community. It is not solely about market share - It is about increasing community access to excellent health care. As a premier academic medical center, the belief is that by combining research and academic excellence, we deliver the highest quality care possible to our community. Increasing the number of patients brought to our facilities simply translates into an increase in the number of patients who have access to high quality care.
More importantly, and specific to the community served by our East location, the story is even bigger. There is often a question about the value of a separate Interventional Cardiology program at East as opposed to centralizing the cardiac care within the Ross Heart Hospital. I believe this is a legitimate point of consideration in light of the relative geographic proximity between the two locations. I personally struggled at times in articulating a convincing rationale. However, the question has been brought to a convincing conclusion in my mind through the words of the family of a patient during a recent encounter. After I performed a cardiac catheterization on a patient who resides in the area served by our East location, I went in to discuss the findings with the family. I informed them of the findings, and my recommendations to transfer the patient to the main campus for complex surgical treatment. What was eye opening and mind changing for me was the level of hardship this transfer created for the family. We may perceive the relatively short drive from East to main campus as a negligible inconvenience. But that is because many of us never experienced the limitations that poverty and socioeconomic disadvantages can impose. After listening to and helping them work through their concerns and limitations, I walked away with a different appreciation for the benefits of our community focused approach. As I have begun to view our patients’ lives beyond the scope of their cardiac condition, I am truly convinced that without a dedicated program at the East location, regardless of the relative proximity to main campus, many of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community would not have access to the same level of care the majority of us are afforded. When I took a fresh look at our program and growth through the lens of true service to the community, my sense of pride and professional satisfaction was overwhelming.
It is with that sense of accomplishment that I am respectfully submitting my dossier for your consideration for promotion to associate professor level on the clinical excellence track.

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2007 M.B.A., The Ohio State University



1996 Honorable Mention. The Ohio Chapter Scientfic Meeting.
1997 Resident Teaching Award. The Ohio State University Medical Center.
1998 Excelent Teaching and Leadership Rocognition Award. Department of Internal Medicine.

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