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About the Division

About the Division

The Ohio State University Division of Cardiovascular Medicine is setting new standards for advanced heart and vascular care through our internationally and nationally recognized experts of more than 65 cardiology and vascular medicine specialists. A majority of our faculty are principal investigators for a variety of current research projects in both the laboratory and clinical research settings.  We offer heart and vascular patients some of the most exciting and innovative new technologies, treatments and clinical trials, many of of which are only available at Ohio State. Because we focus on personalized health care and bench to bedside clinical research, your heart and health are in good hands at Ohio State’s Heart and Vascular Center.  

“The transmission of wisdom and the pursuit of excellence to individuals is the intellectual equivalent of the genetics of procreation. Wisdom, traditional wisdom, acts as leaven for the present and the future, altering and transforming, being altered and transformed in turn, fueling the pursuit of excellence that leads to the development of new people with new wisdom.” 

From the epilogue of Academic Heritage: The Transmission of Excellence – Cardiology at The Ohio State University

by Charles F. Wooley, MD
Professor Emeritus
Division of Cardiovascular Medicine