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Basic Science Research

Elliott Crouser Lab

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction in sepsis and other disease states
  • Pathogenesis of Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS)

Andrea Doseff Lab

  • Focused on the signaling pathways that contribute to the activation and deactivation of caspases, essentials proteases required for apoptosis
  • Main purpose of our research is that by understanding the mechanisms that regulate the caspases we will be able to manipulate cell death of unwanted cells as a treatment for cancer and inflammation

Valery Khramtsov Lab

  • Biological EPR spectroscopy and imaging of pH and thiols
  • New functionally-oriented probes for EPR spectroscopy and imaging (among them pH-, SH- and NO-sensitive nitroxides)
  • NMR Spin Trapping technique: development of the probes, ROS detection and antioxidant mechanisms of the nitrones
  • Redox chemistry of the nitroxides, nitrones and oxidant-sensitive fluorescent probes related to the mechanisms of their reaction with ROS and to their antioxidant properties

Clay Marsh Lab

  • Role of Monocytes in lung disease and other inflammatory diseases
  • Mechanisms of pulmonary fibrosis
  • Role of stress and depression in human inflammatory disease
  • MicroRNA in lung disease
  • Angiogenesis
  • Regulation of monocyte survival and M-CSF signaling

Narasimham Parinandi Lab

Susheela Tridandapani Lab

  • Regulation of expression and function of IgG receptors (FcgR) in monocytes and macrophages by the modulation of the ratio of activating to inhibiting FcgR and the mediation by intracellular phosphatases (inositol phosphatases, protein tyrosine phosphatases).
  • Signaling events involving the actions of lipid kinases (PI3 Kinase) and phosphatases (SHIP, PTEN) in promoting/regulating the inflammatory response after LPS activation of macrophages.

Mark Wewers Lab

  • Macrophages in IL-1 bprocessing and release
  • Intracellular pathogen sensors in signaling
  • Caspases in apoptosis
  • Inflammation in lung disease, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

NIH Training Grant: Molecular Mechanisms of Lung Inflammation