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Fellowship Awards/Honors Programs

Program Awards

We were chosen as one of the inaugural recipients of the American Thoracic Society's Best Practices in Fellowship Training Program!

Read our application essay here: OSU Pulmonary/Critical Care ATS Application

ATS program information: http://www.thracic.org/education/resources-for-training-program-directors.php

We have also participated in and received funding for several education oriented projects including those centered on simulation training, communication skills and career practice management skills.

Fellows Awards

Chief Fellow

At the beginning of each academic year, a senior fellow is chosen to serve as Chief Fellow by the Fellowship Committee. This honor is reserved for a fellow who has demonstrated excellence in their training and who is also recognized for their teaching and leadership skills. The Chief Fellow organizes the clinical schedule, the didactic conferences, and sits on the Fellowship and Division's Clinical Operations Committees.

Current and past Chief Fellows:

  • Rafael Calderon Candelarion, MD (2014-15)
  • Douglas Closser, MD (2014-15)
  • Sindhu Mukku, MD (2013-14)
  • Hiram Rivas Perez, MD (2013-14)
  • Emily Amin, MD (2012-13)
  • Edward McCann, MD (2012-13)
  • Christopher Russell, MD (2011-12)
  • Kapil Dhawan, M.B.B.S (2010-11)
  • Eric Adkins, MD (2009-10)
  • Stephen Kirkby, MD (2008-09)
  • Michael Green, MD (2007-08)
  • Beth Besecker, MD (2006-07)
  • Jonathan Parsons, MD (2005-06)
  • Daniel Iltchev, MD (2004-05)
  • Imad Bouakl, MD (2004-05)
  • Maria Lucarelli MD (2003-04)
  • Juan Morales, MD (2003-04)

Buckeye Leaf Awards

Throughout the year, outstanding efforts by individual fellows are recognized by the monthly awarding of a Buckeye Leaf(s). The Buckeye Leaf is a traditional award at The Ohio State University, prominent on the helmets of our football players. Fellows receive a Leaf for outstanding efforts in patient care, research, & education. Nominations come from faculty, patients and others within the Medical Center. At the end of each academic year, the fellow(s) with the most Buckeye Leaf awards is recognized as the Outstanding Buckeye at the end of the year Fellow Appreciation Dinner.

Past Outstanding Buckeyes:


  • Daniel Gorbett, MD and Hiram Rivas Perez, MD (1st place tie)
  • Rafael Calderon Candelario, MD (2nd place)


  • Tyler Anderson, MD (1st place)
  • Edward McCann, MD (2nd place)
  • Sindhu Mukku, MD (3rd place)


  • Michael Chacey, MD (1st place)
  • John Kingrey, MD (2nd place)
  • Christopher Russell, MD (3rd place)


  • Andrew Twehues, MD (1st place)
  • Jerry Tran, MD (2nd place)
  • Michael Chacey, MD (3rd place)


  • Jarrod Bruce, MD (1st place tie)
  • Shiva Rahmanian, MD (1st place tie)
  • Eric Adkins, MD (2nd place)


  • Leanne Strack, DO (1st place)
  • Eric Adkins, MD (2nd place)
  • Stephen Kirkby, MD (3d place)


  • Kiran Devulapally, MD (1st place)
  • Eric Adkins, Aaron Bruns and Steven Kadiev (2nd place tie)


  • Mike Ezzie, MD (1st place)
  • Steven Kadiev, MD (2nd place)
  • Ben Bringardner, MD (3rd place)


  • Jonathan Parsons, MD (1st place)
  • Stephen Kirkby, MD (2nd place)
  • Steven Kadiev, MD (3rd place)


  • Daniel Iltchev, MD (1st place)
  • Roy Essig, MD (2nd place)
  • Matthew Exline, MD (3d place)

Faculty Teaching Award

The Buckeye Adult Lung Award (BAL)
At the end of each academic year, the fellows select an individual faculty member for recognition for his/her outstanding efforts in fellowship education.

Past BAL Awardees:


  • James Allen, MD


  • Matthew Exline, MD
  • Michael Ezzie, MD (finalist)


  • Michael Ezzie, MD
  • Jerry Stasek, MD (finalist)
  • Ulysses Magalang, MD (finalist)


  • Karen Wood, MD


  • Roy Essig, MD
  • Mark Wewers, MD (finalist)


  • Nitin Bhatt, MD
  • Roy Essig, MD (finalist)


  • Phil Diaz, MD


  • Scott, Aberegg, MD
  • Roy Essig, MD (finalist)
  • Jim O'Brien, MD (finalist)


  • Ruairi Fahy, MD
  • Nitin Bhatt, MD (finalist)
  • James O'Brien, MD (finalist)


  • Naeem Ali, MD


  • Nitin Bhatt, MD

Other Honors

Robert J. Fass Award for Outstanding Clinical Fellow

This award is presented to a clinical fellow in Internal Medicine who consistently demonstrates the attributes of an outstanding physician consultant. The housestaff elect a clinical fellow who is consistently available and helpful, a compassionate and knowledgeable expert, and an excellent educator of peers, housestaff, and patients. Several Pulmonary/CC Fellows have won this honor:

  • Hiram Rivas Perez, MD (2012-13)
  • Hiram Rivas Perez, MD (2011-12)
  • Jarrod Bruce, MD (2010-11)
  • Jarrod Bruce, MD (2009-10)
  • Jarrod Bruce, MD (2008-09)
  • Eric Adkins, MD (2007-08)
  • Leroy Essig, MD (2005-06)
  • Leroy Essig, MD (2004-05)
  • Leroy Essig, MD (2003-04)
  • Maria Lucarelli, MD (2002-03)

Outstanding Fellow Award, Columbus Children’s Hospital

Awarded by pediatric residency program in recognition of outstanding clinical care, teaching of housestaff and medical students, and preservation of resident autonomy.

  • Stephen Kirby, MD (2006-07)

Darlene Buczak Award for Innovations in Education

This award from the APCCMPD is designed to honor Ms. Buczak's extensive service to the organization, and is given to an individual who demonstrates excellence and innovation in the education of fellows in Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine.

  • Jennifer McCallister, MD. (2008-09)

Housestaff Awards

James N. Allen Award for Excellence in Pulmonary Medicine

Chosen by the Pulmonary/Critical Care faculty and fellows recognizes the resident who best embodies the practice of pulmonary medicine as exemplified by Jim Allen, MD.

  • Emily Pennington, MD (2013-14)
  • William Healy, MD (2012-13)
  • Christopher Hanks, MD (2011-12)
  • Tyler Anderson, MD (2010-11)
  • Dylan Wirtz, MD (2009-10)
  • Emily Norder, MD (2008-09)
  • Donald Zoz, MD (2007-08)
  • Sara Horst, MD (2006-07)
  • Gabriel Bosslet, MD (2005-06)

Critical Care Excellence Award

Chosen by the Pulmonary/Critical Care Faculty, Fellow and MICU nursing staff, recognizes a resident who demonstrates excellence in the practice of critical care medicine.

  • Ryan Westman, MD (2013-14)
  • Ashlee Russo, MD (2012-13)
  • Douglas Closser, MD (2011-12)
  • Daniel Gorbett, MD (2010-11)
  • Hallie Prescott, MD (2009-10)
  • Candace Huebert, MD (2008-09)
  • Jennifer Burkhart, MD (2007-08)
  • Brent Riscili, MD (2006-07)
  • Mark Kearns, MD (2005-06)