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Patrick Nana-Sinkam, MD

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473 W 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 293-4925

Email: nana-sinkam.1@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointments

Associate Professor, Pulm,Allergy,Crit Care & Sleep

Physician, FGP-Pulm-Allrgy-CritCare-Sleep



Dr. Patrick Nana-Sinkam is an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Co-Director Research Programs in the Division of Pulmonary Allergy, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine. He conducted his residency training in Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan where he also served as chief resident. He completed his fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care at the University of Colorado and was recruited to Ohio State in 2006. Dr. Nana-Sinkam has an active research program in biomarker discovery in smoking related lung diseases including examining the role of microRNAs in lung cancer development and progression. He has been the recipient of several awards from the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer and Chest Foundation. He has served on several study sections including the Department of Defense and American Lung Association. In addition to reviewing for several journals, he currently serves on the editorial board of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

Chapters in Books

Gerard J. Nuovo, Patrick Nana-Sinkam, Melissa Crawford, Thomas D. Schmittgen. "In Situ Detection of MicroRNAs in Paraffin-Embedded, Formalin-Fixed Tissues: Different Methodologies and Co-localization with Possible Targets." In RNA Interference Techniques. Edited by Scott Q. Harper. -. Columbus, OH: Springer Protocols, January 2011.


Editorial Activities

2006 - present AJP-Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology
2006 - 2007 Lung Cancer Frontiers
2007 - present Faculty of 1000 Medicine (Lung Cancer)
2009 - present Neoplasia
2009 - present American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology
2009 - present International Journal of Cancer
2010 - present BMC Genomics
2011 - present American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (Impact factor 10.6)

Journal Articles

Nana-Sinkam,Serge,P; Hunter,Melissa,G; Nuovo,Gerard,J; Schmittgen,Thomas,D; Gelinas,Richard; Galas,David; Marsh,Clay,B. "Integrating the MicroRNome into the Study of Lung Disease." AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE. Vol. 179, no. 1. (January 2009.): 4-10.

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Exline,M,C; Hollyfield,J,L; Gavrilin,M,A; Nana-Sinkam,S,P; WEWERS,M,D. "Cigarette Smoke Extract Suppresses Innate Immune Response in Peripheral Blood Monocytes.." AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE. Vol. 179, (January 2009.): /-.

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