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Megan Ballinger, PhD

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473 W 12th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 688-3698

Email: ballinger.103@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointment

Research Assistant Professor, Pulm,Allergy,Crit Care & Sleep


Journal Articles

Moore,B,B; Ballinger,M,N; White,E,S; Green,M,E; Herrygers,A,B; Wilke,C,A; Toews,G,B; Peters-Golden,M. "Bleomycin-induced E prostanoid receptor changes alter fibroblast responses to prostaglandin E-2." JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY. Vol. 174, no. 9. (May 2005.): 5644-5649.

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Lee,Sang,Pyo; Serezani,Carlos,H; Medeiros,Alexandra,I; Ballinger,Megan,N; Peters-Golden,Marc. "Crosstalk between Prostaglandin E-2 and Leukotriene B-4 Regulates Phagocytosis in Alveolar Macrophages via Combinatorial Effects on Cyclic AMP." JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY. Vol. 182, no. 1. (January 2009.): 530-537.

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