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The Division of Nephrology has 17 faculty members including four transplant nephrologists, three interventional nephrologists, and one research faculty member.

Brad H. Rovin, MD
Brad H. Rovin, MD
Division Director

Anil K. Agarwal, MD
Agarwal, MD

Udayan Y. Bhatt, MD
Bhatt, MD

Dan J. Birmingham, PhD
Birmingham, PhD


Diez, MD


Nabil J. Haddad, MD

Haddad, MD 

Lee A. Hebert, MD

Hebert, MD

Uday Nori, MD
Nori, MD

Parikh, MD


Todd E. Pesavento, MD

Pesavento, MD


Prosek, MD 

Shah, MD 

Ganesh Shidham, MD

Shidham, MD 


Rose L. Shim, MD
Shim, MD

Dan N. Spetie, MD 

 Spetie, MD 

Christopher W. Valentine, MD

Valentine, MD

Jon Von Visger, MD

Von Visger, MD