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Travel Medicine Clinic

Travel Medicine Immunizations and Fees

Office Visit Charges-

Preventive Counseling, Individual, Level 1 $  80.00
Preventive Counseling, Individual, Level 2 $135.00
Preventive Counseling, Individual, Level 3 $177.00





Immunizations Offered-

A list of vaccines and associated costs is listed below. Please contact us with any questions. We will provide you with The International Certificate of Vaccination (“Yellow Card”) which is an official record of your immunizations. This document is recognized internationally by countries that have specific vaccination requirements for entry.
Vaccine Admin. one vaccine $ 60.00   Meningitis vaccine (menactra) $175.00
Vaccine Admin. each additional $ 28.00  

Meningitis vaccine (menomune) age 55 +

Hep A adult $127.00   Polio $ 61.00
Combo hep A/hep B $177.00   PPD $ 28.00
Hep B, adult $145.00   Tdap $ 74.00
Flu, adult $ 30.00   Typhoid Vi $118.00
Japanese Encephalitis $225.00   Yellow Fever $183.00

other vaccines available
as special order