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Exploration Through Enhanced Research

Investigators in the Division of Infectious Diseases are poised to advance our current clinical knowledge and translational basic research in infectious diseases. Division faculty are already on the front lines of major research in the area of HIV/AIDS and other areas.

National HIV/AIDS experts head the Division's AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU), an NIH-funded research site that continues to augment the medical community's knowledge about new treatments for persons with HIV/AIDS. Investigators in our Pharmaceutical Studies are pursuing "medicines of the future" that will aid in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Working closely with it's joint faculty members in the Center for Microbial Interface Biology the division is mobilizing a collaborative effort of microbial pathogensis research.

Many of our studies are aimed at integrating clinical medicine and basic science. The following are among the Division's major efforts, and their lead investigators:

AIDS Clinical Trials Unit/Clinical Studies in HIV/AIDS - Susan L. Koletar, MD

Clinical Epidemiology, Fungal Infections - Julie E. Mangino, MD

Clinical Epidemiology & Antimicrobial Resistance - Kurt B. Stevenson, MD, MPH

Histoplasmosis Capsulatum Pathogenesis - Chad A. Rappleye, PhD

HIV and HSV Infections - Michael F. Para, MD

HIV, Mother to Child Transmission - Jesse Kwiek, PhD

Immune System and Aging - Joanne Turner, PhD

Leishmania and Trypanosome Pathogenesis - Bradford S. McGwire, MD, PhD

Listeria Monocytogenes Pathogenesis - Stephanie Saveau, PhD

Mycobacterial Pathogenesis - Larry S. Schlesinger, MD

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Bacillus - Jordi B. Torelles, PhD

Salmonella and Francisella Pathogenesis - John Gunn, PhD