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400 W Twelfth Ave
Rm 252N Wiseman Hall
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: (614) 292-1396

Email: abdel-rahman.4@osu.edu


Current OSU Appointment

Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology



My most prominent accomplishment is the recent characterization of a novel hereditary cancer predisposition syndrome due to germline mutation in BAP1 gene. The syndrome is associated with predisposition to different cancers. Or manuscript describing the syndrome has been selected as the editor's choice and currently being features free of charge at the journal's website.

Several of my other manuscripts appeared in highly ranked journals such as JMG, JCO, CCR, IOVS. Although, publications in the field of ocular oncology usually don't receive large number of citations, contrary to other common cancers, my publications have been cited 85 times (69 without self citations) and my current H score is 6.

Journal ranking:

- Journal of Clinical Oncology, ranked 4th in oncology, (1 publication)

- Blood, ranked 2nd in hematology, IF 10.588 (1 publication)

- Clinical Cancer Research, 16th in oncology (1 publication)

- IOVS, ranked 5th in ophthalmology, (1 publication)

- Ex Eye Res, ranked 11th in ophthalmlogy, (3 publications)

- Modern Pathology, ranked 12th in pathology (1 publication)

- Journal of Medical Genetics, raked 16th in genetics and hereditary (1 publication)

Article citations:

2012: total 12

2011: total 23 (2 self)

2010: total 16 (4 self)

2009: total 9 (0 self)

2008:total 9 (0 self

2007: total 8 (0 self)

2006: total 4 (1 self)

Clinical Interest

Anatomic Pathology

Clinical Medical Genetics

Academic Advising

I am a strong believer of investing in undergraduate students' research especially for highly talented candidates. My strategy is to select one or two students/year who I train and give independent research project. I try to limit the number of students rotating in the lab at any time to maximum of two students so I can have sufficient time for mentoring. Although working with undergraduate students is rather challenging I find it highly rewarding.

In addition to the long term projects carried out by selected undergraduate students I accept other undergraduate and medical students for shorter rotations depending on their expertise and research interests. .

Since the start of my faculty appointment at OSU in 2009 I mentored four undergraduate students Benjamin Christopher, Omar Saqr, Samidha Gupta and Tiffany Wang each for more than a year. I also mentored a medical student Benjamin Romney research project.

I haven't had a chance of advising graduate students at OSU, but I have been on the advising committee of several graduate students in Egypt

Noteworthy Graduate Narrative

The doctorate candidate student Eman Adbelsamee, MD is currently a junior faculty (lecturer) at Menoufiya University. She presented her work at several international meetings and currently submitting a peer-peer review publication.

Samira Abdelwehab. MD is currently a fellow (assistant lecturer) at Menoufiya University. She finished her residency training and obtained a master degree in hepatology. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree.


1992 - present Unrestricted Medical License: Egyptian Ministry of Health
1992 - present General Medical Practitioner: Egyptian Ministry of Health
1998 - present ECFMG: Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
2007 - present Histopathology Consultant: Egyptian Medical Syndicate
2007 - present Consultant Histopathology: Egyptian Medical Syndicate
2009 - present Unrestricted Medical License: State Medical Board of Ohio

Clinical Services

07/01/2007 Pathology Practice (Menoufiya, Egypt)


Yang,Y; Meadows,S; Li,P,K; Davidorf,F,H; Abdel-Rahman,M,H. "Anti-angiogenic effect of Linomide analogue." In INVESTIGATIVE OPHTHALMOLOGY & VISUAL SCIENCE. (January 2005). 4166-.



1990 M.D., Cairo University

1996 M.S., Menoufiya University

2002 Ph.D., The Ohio State University


Editorial Activities

present IOVS
present Familial Cancer
present Dove Medical Publications
present Clinical Cancer Research
present Cancer Research


2000 Loes Jones Endowment for cancer research fellowship award. Comprehensive Cancer Center.
2001 Travel Fellowship. 10th International Congress of Human Genetics.
2010 Junior Investigator Award. Ocular Melanoma Foundation.

Journal Articles

Pilarski,Robert; Cebulla,Colleen,M; Massengill,James,B; Rai,Karan; Rich,Thereasa; Strong,Louise; McGillivray,Barbara; Asrat,Mary-Jill; Davidorf,Frederick,H; Abdel-Rahman,Mohamed,H. "Expanding the Clinical Phenotype of Hereditary BAP1 Cancer Predisposition Syndrome, Reporting Three New Cases." GENES CHROMOSOMES & CANCER. Vol. 53, no. 2. (February 2014.): 177-182.

Pilarski, R, Cebulla, CM, Massengill, JB, Rai, K, Rich, T, Strong, L, McGillivray, B, Asrat, M-J, Davidorf, FH, Abdel-Rahman, MH.. "Expanding the clinical phenotype of hereditary BAP1 cancer predisposition syndrome, reporting three new cases.." Genes Chromosomes and Cancer. -.



"The Practice of Clinical Cancer Genetics." Presented at 1St Children’s Cancer Hospital, Egypt International Scientific Conference, Cairo, EG|EGY. (July 2009)

"Hereditary predisposition to uveal melanoma." Presented at Great Lake Ocular Oncology Seminar, Michigan. (October 2012)

"Clinical cancer genetics; ophthalmology perspective." Presented at OSU postgraduate course in Ophthalmolgy, Columbus, OH, US|USA. (February 2014)

"Lessons learned from the genetics of a rare eye tumor." Presented at Biology Seminar Series, Cairo, EG|EGY. (September 2014)


Professional Activities

2012 - present Establishing a bio-repository research laboratory and program in molecular genetics in Egypt. Sustainable Sciences Institute & Menoufiya University.
2009 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum. The Ohio State University.
2010 OSUMC researc day. College of Medicine, The Ohio State University.
2010 Denman Undergraduate research forum. The Ohio State University.
2010 Invited speaker. Children's Cancer Hospital of Egypt.
2010 Educational workshop. Children's Cancer Hospital of Egypt.
2011 OSUMC research day 2011. College of Medicine, The Ohio State University.
2011 Denman Undergadutae Research Forum. The Ohio State University.
2011 Non compensated spokesperson. American Cancer Society.

Unpublished Works

Boru, G, Cebulla, CM, Olencki T, Carson W III, Davidorf, FH, Abdel-Rahman, MH.. Heterogeneity in MAPK activation and GNAQ and GNA11 somatic mutations in uveal melanomas, potential impact for therapy. November 2013.