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Phone: (614) 293-6694

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Professor-Clinical, Human Genetics


Clinical Interest

Clinical Genetics (M.D.)


I have been a clinician educator for the majority of my career with an emphasis on teaching foundational science to medical students, organizing curricula and the infrastructure of the medical student portion of the College of Medicine, and as an educator one-on-one with my patients. I have been able to take these skills to a national and international level through writing a textbook on genetics, a high level of participation in the development and management of the US Medical Licensing Examinations through the NBME, and in conducting accreditation site visits overseas in the United Arab Emirates as a consultant for the Commission on Academic Accreditation for the UAE government.


AMA Science, Quality, and Public Health Group. Family medical history in disease prevention. Chicago: American Medical Association, January 2004.

Westman JA. Medical Genetics for the Modern Clinician. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, January 2006.



1982 - present MD: State Medical Board of Ohio
1986 - present Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics: American Board of Pediatrics
1987 - present Fellow, American College of Medical Genetics: American Board of Medical Genetics

Chapters in Books

Fontana MB, Hitchcock C, Westman JA. "Team-based learning." In The Clinical Teaching Handbook. Edited by Hudson A, Watson D. -. Columbus: The Ohio State University, January 2007.


Clinical Services

07/01/2008 Cancer Genetics Outpatient Clinic (Polaris Innovation Centre)
05/01/2012 Cancer Genetics Outpatient Clinic (Morehouse Medical Plaza)
07/01/1987 - 06/01/1999 Pediatric and Prenatal Genetics (Columbus Children's Hospital, Pediatrics)
05/01/1996 - 06/01/2008 Medcal Genetics (OSU Medical Center, Internal Medicine)


South,Christopher,D; Hampel,Heather; Corneras,Ilene; Westman,Judith; De la Chapelle,Albert. "Prevalence of Muir-Torre syndrome in a Lynch syndrome database." In GASTROENTEROLOGY. (April 2007). A301-A301.



1978 B.S., Ohio Northern University

1981 M.D., The Ohio State University

1987 M.S., The Ohio State University



2008 - present Teaching Award. College of Medicine Integrated Pathway program.
2009 - present Special Recognition. College of Medicine Graduating Class 2009.
2010 - present Teaching Award. College of Medicine Integrated Pathway program.
2013 - present Courage to Teach. College of Medicine.

Journal Articles

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Professional Activities

2006 - present Accreditation site visitor. Ministry of Higher Education and Research.